Who’s got the drugs WTF

Fuck the Mann,
Not HOrace

Sarah Buckinghorn so majestic & elusive

Myles, you’re so cool 🙂

Caroline Are you ready to date? Many people are waiting.

Darn Cat, No more pity parties! THanks for everything though, including the hoodie. -Broken Fairie

Most Antiochians want to smoke out. Please be more specific when you leave declassifieds 🙂

Salbee-I love sharing 100 pounds of food with you in the middle of the nighgt. -Your Eater

Asia, you have a friend crush -ich-

Hey Cody! I’m glad we’re friends!

JP-Sorry I made you cry. You’re my favourite person to feed. -LC

If unconditional love is possible, we need basic human level understanding [heart]

Mariel Are you ready to Date Again?

dela, I just can’t get enough of your lovin

I am a giraffe!
Not heads or tails; a giraffe!
Sometimes an Oyster

To my North Hall family: Your guys are AMAZING! -Cilla

Hey Rory you’re fuckin sweet-MT
Mariel- you light up my light meter. Love, -Dangerous Person

Meet me in the courtyard at 3:30 when the sun shines on your melodic bubbles… Tweezers are my friend
-[heart] Skippy

Gina, thanks for being the best person ever. I love you so much my life  would be qn empty dqrk hole without your shining light in my life. -me

It is amazing how a person from outside can make a comment about “a person of color who looks like a ‘hoodlum’” in community meeting in regards to the New York Arts Program. And that no one in the community adress it. Why? Progressive Community?

Bryan- want to take a spin in my lexus? [heart] Rory

Niko, Thank you for being so amazing! Oh and Friday night was oh so much fun! -your secret lover 🙂

Dear Stacey, Juliet, Amanda, Ashley
Naked time was fun, let’s do it again sometime. -Jasmine

Shea & Molly, thanks for being moldy. you guys are amazing. -Carmen

THank you Fela for all your beautiful outfits, they brighten my day.

Hey ex-girlfirend, Breaking up with you is the best, Fuck you forever, -Ex

GREER-Glad we are friends. Think you are lovely [heart] Rory

Uptown-you are one of the few people I would no shank [heart] Zebra
So when did James become cool again?

Jolly Green Giant: Thanks  for always being there. Even all the aggravating door-holding. ~The Quiet  One

Mariel, you kindof suck.

James ever thought about  privelge?
[From the editor: Hey, ever thought about spelling?]

I love Angy! I spelled your nname wrong! I love you-Emma

Caroline, You’re like, my favorite person here.

you’re the best across the hall buddy ever! Hugs!
-the girl in Birch 313

Dear Son,
Happy Birthday,
Wszystkiego Najlepszego, Feliz Cumpleanos,
-Your Suns-

Nicole & Meghan- Do your homework so we can hang out! I miss you [heart] Rory

Kim-Jenna Ich liebe dich! -Jungfrau-

Mariel- you are super. Lets be friends forever. [heart] Rory

Jamila Fela & Erin-Aja for CG? Something to think about.

So Gina, if you could just declare your love things could be MUCH easier. But there is no pressure. Ok thanx

P, thanks so much for listening, you’re the best. You know youre secrets are always safe with me. [heart] C

Is it sad that I enjoy declassifieds most of all?


Everyone! Wake up and start falling in Love.

I [heart]
floating ‘gators

Meg Fresh-you are as cute  as a little tulip

I wanna smoke & make out too, sorry I’m awkward and flaky

It’s ok to be sad in your heart. I miss you. -Guns

E-A you are SO COOL. I am so happy you are here.

Dearest C. Bee, You hold me when I cry in the Caf  instead of running away in embarrassment. That’s love. Thanks Forever, -Power Suit.

Too many “Radicals” in lexus cars! 🙁

Greer Paris-You are not a novelty. I love you. Let’s be friends.

AmyBurger is Hawwwt

Dear hot upperclassmen: where is the love? -SAD 1st year

I love you Antioch. We are so GREAT!
Erin-Aja, you’re the only Portland kid at Antioch that I want to hang out with. Let’s get some coffee and pretend we’re at coffee time . Or find a hill and pretend it’s a mountain! -Kumari

Kelsey, thank you so much for being here and being amazing.

To my boo. I just want to tell you how special you are to me. Ever since the stoop party last week we have been haning out. So where do we stand? [heart] I win!

Cody-Let’s hang out and go on a midnight Kroger run

Dear whoever wrote me last week, I want to hang out but I don’t know who you are! -Amy

Erin-Aja yer a very humb;e winner. xoxo

James Potter, I think you’re pretty fabulous! Let’s hang out in the Art  Annex and practice spells!

Absentee Ballot: Can I bum a cigarette?
-Dangerous Person.

Dear thurday night. I foot want to lose you ever.
I hate taking detours and liking people to the point where I shy away… It’s not even possible anyway. -Secret Admirer

Dear Caroline- I have a crush on you. A big one, duh. [heart] Meghan

Dearest E of D: I love you. Let’s make some sweet music. Love, DP

Cecil-bee you are my sunshine, when life gives you lemons we’ll buy some tequilla and party! -kuku

Mariel, Thanks for looking so hot today. We could be neon lovers. -M
Dear Rory & Nicole, You are my favorites. Let’s live together forever. [heart]-your better third

James it has been real Thank you for showing the Antioch Community your true colors. -Your boo [heart]

Miss Pergrem, starting monday I’ll have way more time, let’s be friends and find ourselves some heros. -heart kuku

To Loftin: Aggggahhmmmmgrrmma! -Zombie

Dear Jasmine-You are the flyest first year ever. Where have you been all my life? -Meghan
Maite- I hope you are having a better week. Love you!

A liar, a fool, a devil, a dunce-could she be all at once? -B.G.

Murdock can’t stop the ‘och.

More gay men please!!!

50 dollar lesbian hand jobs-Half price on wednesdays

Pricilla-My gift is my song. And this one’s for you, my platonic life partner. -Tasia

Rachel Sears, you are positive when everyone is negative. [heart] you !!!

Levi B. you are wearing the smartest pants on campus.

Dear Gina and Maite, stop missing with my poor heart. Please? I still love you though. -Frustrated 1st Year.

Dear First Year with the bi-color purple/red glasses rims: you are certainly the more crushable new kid in the buble.

Hey Antioch-U make my heart wobble. -Ms Fresh



Don’t marry that other fool, Greer. Marry me.

Emma, you keep me going.

Hassan R-you were amazing  in AdCil this morning. Thanks for fighting.

Kari Thompson-you are very ot and should be my life partner

I think you’re cute

James-I win!

Be afraid of the angry lesbians [heart] an angry lesbian

Zoe, thank you for your support and guidance. It’s helpful to this intense process. I [heart] you! -Alex

Carobot-Let’s make beautiful movies…and possibly babies [heart] one half of film

Molly-I lurv you.
Sorry we’re so sad sometimes. You still make me immeasurably happy. Kisses fix all kinds of things. -Your giraffe

Thank you, old friends and new, I love love love love you! ~Emma Woo

Elitism is hierarchy. “Cool kids” are oppressors. Challenge the status quo. Deconstruct the patriarchy. Re-envision community.

Chicken-Thanks for being my teacher. I’m working! -Pie

When a person thinks, there is a spot of fire alive in his/her mind, and it is proper that he/she should have the burning point of a cigarette as his/her one expression.

Editing Crisis
Stories shoot from their fingers
Foreigners are Great

can I have you babies?
Tommy, I’m sorry I said that the boys aren’t cute enough; I guess you’re the exception

Buckethead-I still want to smoke pot and make out.

L.O.O.T.R…inveigling with fellow gentlement since 2007

To my platonic life partner, Taisa: I’m glad I found you! -Cilla

Dangerous Person, You never showed up for our school yard battle…Lost your nerve? Eagle of Death.

Jamesness, you’re the sweetest ! Thanks for making me feel good, you really know how to make a  kid blush. 🙂

Rory-leave minnesota for the buckeyes.

Billy, you’re a horrible gardener, but I keep you around because you have a cute butt.

Thank you Jenny for being a rad friend. JS

Buttah, You’re my favourite lecherous, lush, life partner, -MBT

Alex- I missed you this weekend. Remember when we bumped into eachother @ the mailroom? I liked it. Let’s do it again.

Sarah- Baby, I’m an anarchist. You’re a spineless liberal. -Phillip

Amy-I’m glad we met. I hope you want to hang out with me.

To my greene & randall ladies: I [heart] you. You are all amazing.
xo niko

Cody- you’re so soccer! [heart] your groupie

Short people Rock Socks

Dave- I just f-ing love you. -Kari

Hey you. wink wink.
-Your secret admirer



Dangerous Person –
I love you almost  as much as I love myself,
Love Eagle of Death

I love it when you help me with my technological difficulties.
Please continue. Heart

I might need to hire someone to be my secretary.
Granted, I’m broke, but perhaps we can work on a bartering system?
Gabriela Ruiz

Nicole- I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.

Greer Paris – Marry Me.

Jen-e, meet me at the caf for a classy dinner on Friday?
Heart Night owl

BJ, fuck you. Love, me

Your love is like a vampire.

You are beautiful and I love you.
Never give up.

I never said that about Nicole. I love you though.
Love, Rory

Corrie = amazing

Brian Utley-
You’re the hottest boy in school.

still crazy in love (with you).
Let’s go on a date, OK?
– your one and only
Ps. I’ll bring the juice

emily, james, greer, caroline: loves of my life!
I’m going to miss you like hell.

B-   Love on me in class and I’ll be yours forever
Love, No Broken Heart

Dangerous Person-
Move in with me. You make me whole
[heart] Absentee Ballot