Beautiful Skies
Beutiful people
Beautiful Antioch

Julian- You inspire me to become a better community member

Caroline Says… “I want a declassified” HERE IT IS, MAN! PS I can still kick your ass. Again. [heart]

Even though you never write me any declassifieds I still love you. -Lonely but loving in Pennel

David Bishkoff, yer the dreamiest

Bob+Scott are so extremely witty HOW DO THEY DO IT?!

A Miller-Being in love means are completely broken. Songs: Ohia

Carlin-Love You Always.

Greer- Will you be my Eagle Lord? waiting, dangerous person.

Phillip- Thank you for keeping me alive. I love you.-Dave

Jamilla, you owe me a coffee date. Love, your coffee deprived friend.


Maclean-you’re going down! [heart] -someone that didn’t put a door in front of your door

Bob Devine for President! (again)

Seems like Andrzej has something to hide

Rachel Sears, Amber, Diana… I love you all! -Emma Woo

Hey boots, you are so rad. Let’s be friends. -Girl with the guns

Ceci-face, I’m glad you’re my ‘across the hall’ buddy! Love, -the girl w/ the lobster
Dear Jeanne+ Kim-Jenna. You guys aren’t as cute as that David Bishkoff but I still love you guys very much. -The Record OB

Gaby, Yer haircut is soo cute and I think yer the coolest babe ever.

Yoga and healing-Just ask Jack

Nicole, thanks for being great. move to minneapolis with me [heart] Rory

Soup- Thanks for being my brosiff. I love you. -Bloody Stumps.

Cody Canoodle, you are the best and the grossest. thanx 4 x-mas lights.

Dea, Thank you for leaving sweet messages on my door. You’re beautiful. [hearts]

Carobot, you try my circuits

James- Hey hot stuff. You and me, babies, five years. -Dave

Vanessa…You’re my little cookie cutter…Let’s go find some babies at Riverscape. [hearts]-You know who I am.

A clique is a social prison meant to isolate and divide people. FREE YA’SELF FROM THE CLIQUE!

BOT- When you’re tired of screwing a community, give me a call. I like things “top down” if you know what I mean

May-Trai, Hey bay-bay You cray-cray Let’s go schway-schway, love-Tay-play

I have a crush on Toni Murdock. Feeling Guilty, ToniLuva2000

BOT you suck!

Dear Antioch, My love for you is unconditional.While I feel we can no longer be intimate, I still think you’re cute! Love-Dusky
PS. No hard feelings