Dangerous Person –
I love you almost  as much as I love myself,
Love Eagle of Death

I love it when you help me with my technological difficulties.
Please continue. Heart

I might need to hire someone to be my secretary.
Granted, I’m broke, but perhaps we can work on a bartering system?
Gabriela Ruiz

Nicole- I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.

Greer Paris – Marry Me.

Jen-e, meet me at the caf for a classy dinner on Friday?
Heart Night owl

BJ, fuck you. Love, me

Your love is like a vampire.

You are beautiful and I love you.
Never give up.

I never said that about Nicole. I love you though.
Love, Rory

Corrie = amazing

Brian Utley-
You’re the hottest boy in school.

still crazy in love (with you).
Let’s go on a date, OK?
– your one and only
Ps. I’ll bring the juice

emily, james, greer, caroline: loves of my life!
I’m going to miss you like hell.

B-   Love on me in class and I’ll be yours forever
Love, No Broken Heart

Dangerous Person-
Move in with me. You make me whole
[heart] Absentee Ballot