Don’t marry that other fool, Greer. Marry me.

Emma, you keep me going.

Hassan R-you were amazing  in AdCil this morning. Thanks for fighting.

Kari Thompson-you are very ot and should be my life partner

I think you’re cute

James-I win!

Be afraid of the angry lesbians [heart] an angry lesbian

Zoe, thank you for your support and guidance. It’s helpful to this intense process. I [heart] you! -Alex

Carobot-Let’s make beautiful movies…and possibly babies [heart] one half of film

Molly-I lurv you.
Sorry we’re so sad sometimes. You still make me immeasurably happy. Kisses fix all kinds of things. -Your giraffe

Thank you, old friends and new, I love love love love you! ~Emma Woo

Elitism is hierarchy. “Cool kids” are oppressors. Challenge the status quo. Deconstruct the patriarchy. Re-envision community.

Chicken-Thanks for being my teacher. I’m working! -Pie

When a person thinks, there is a spot of fire alive in his/her mind, and it is proper that he/she should have the burning point of a cigarette as his/her one expression.

Editing Crisis
Stories shoot from their fingers
Foreigners are Great

can I have you babies?
Tommy, I’m sorry I said that the boys aren’t cute enough; I guess you’re the exception

Buckethead-I still want to smoke pot and make out.

L.O.O.T.R…inveigling with fellow gentlement since 2007

To my platonic life partner, Taisa: I’m glad I found you! -Cilla

Dangerous Person, You never showed up for our school yard battle…Lost your nerve? Eagle of Death.

Jamesness, you’re the sweetest ! Thanks for making me feel good, you really know how to make a  kid blush. 🙂

Rory-leave minnesota for the buckeyes.

Billy, you’re a horrible gardener, but I keep you around because you have a cute butt.

Thank you Jenny for being a rad friend. JS

Buttah, You’re my favourite lecherous, lush, life partner, -MBT

Alex- I missed you this weekend. Remember when we bumped into eachother @ the mailroom? I liked it. Let’s do it again.

Sarah- Baby, I’m an anarchist. You’re a spineless liberal. -Phillip

Amy-I’m glad we met. I hope you want to hang out with me.

To my greene & randall ladies: I [heart] you. You are all amazing.
xo niko

Cody- you’re so soccer! [heart] your groupie

Short people Rock Socks

Dave- I just f-ing love you. -Kari

Hey you. wink wink.
-Your secret admirer