Everyone! Wake up and start falling in Love.

I [heart]
floating ‘gators

Meg Fresh-you are as cute  as a little tulip

I wanna smoke & make out too, sorry I’m awkward and flaky

It’s ok to be sad in your heart. I miss you. -Guns

E-A you are SO COOL. I am so happy you are here.

Dearest C. Bee, You hold me when I cry in the Caf  instead of running away in embarrassment. That’s love. Thanks Forever, -Power Suit.

Too many “Radicals” in lexus cars! 🙁

Greer Paris-You are not a novelty. I love you. Let’s be friends.

AmyBurger is Hawwwt

Dear hot upperclassmen: where is the love? -SAD 1st year

I love you Antioch. We are so GREAT!
Erin-Aja, you’re the only Portland kid at Antioch that I want to hang out with. Let’s get some coffee and pretend we’re at coffee time . Or find a hill and pretend it’s a mountain! -Kumari

Kelsey, thank you so much for being here and being amazing.

To my boo. I just want to tell you how special you are to me. Ever since the stoop party last week we have been haning out. So where do we stand? [heart] I win!

Cody-Let’s hang out and go on a midnight Kroger run

Dear whoever wrote me last week, I want to hang out but I don’t know who you are! -Amy

Erin-Aja yer a very humb;e winner. xoxo

James Potter, I think you’re pretty fabulous! Let’s hang out in the Art  Annex and practice spells!

Absentee Ballot: Can I bum a cigarette?
-Dangerous Person.

Dear thurday night. I foot want to lose you ever.
I hate taking detours and liking people to the point where I shy away… It’s not even possible anyway. -Secret Admirer

Dear Caroline- I have a crush on you. A big one, duh. [heart] Meghan

Dearest E of D: I love you. Let’s make some sweet music. Love, DP

Cecil-bee you are my sunshine, when life gives you lemons we’ll buy some tequilla and party! -kuku

Mariel, Thanks for looking so hot today. We could be neon lovers. -M
Dear Rory & Nicole, You are my favorites. Let’s live together forever. [heart]-your better third

James it has been real Thank you for showing the Antioch Community your true colors. -Your boo [heart]

Miss Pergrem, starting monday I’ll have way more time, let’s be friends and find ourselves some heros. -heart kuku

To Loftin: Aggggahhmmmmgrrmma! -Zombie

Dear Jasmine-You are the flyest first year ever. Where have you been all my life? -Meghan
Maite- I hope you are having a better week. Love you!

A liar, a fool, a devil, a dunce-could she be all at once? -B.G.

Murdock can’t stop the ‘och.

More gay men please!!!

50 dollar lesbian hand jobs-Half price on wednesdays

Pricilla-My gift is my song. And this one’s for you, my platonic life partner. -Tasia

Rachel Sears, you are positive when everyone is negative. [heart] you !!!

Levi B. you are wearing the smartest pants on campus.

Dear Gina and Maite, stop missing with my poor heart. Please? I still love you though. -Frustrated 1st Year.

Dear First Year with the bi-color purple/red glasses rims: you are certainly the more crushable new kid in the buble.

Hey Antioch-U make my heart wobble. -Ms Fresh