Antioch Students Attend SDS Revival Convention

SDS1This Summer, Detroit, Michigan hosted the second national convention of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) since 1969. Between July 27-31 at Wayne State University, nearly 600 students from around the country converged for four days of workshops on direct action tactics, communicating effectively, high school organizing, and media and facilitation trainings around the infamous student organization of the 60’s. Continue reading Antioch Students Attend SDS Revival Convention

Taking the SOPP to Bed

Levi B. CowperthwaiteBy Levi B. Cowperthwaite

The first time my sweetheart and I shared a dance was during a party in the romance-inspiring Dance Space. The music was blaring, the bodies were sweaty and spinning, and my now-sweetheart and I were dancing with a respectable, torturous distance between us when she leaned in close and whispered in my ear, “Can I grind with you?” My libido’s response?: Oh. Hell. Yes. We didn’t start dating until almost a year later, and she was actually probably yelling (rather than whispering) to be heard over the music, but it was such a sexy, sweet moment (and satisfying dance), that when I think of it today, I feel everything I was feeling in that moment: sexy, desirable, giddy, hot.

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Letter – Paige Clifton-Steele, 2nd year, responds to LA Times article “Who killed Antioch? Womyn”

Paige Clifton-Steele, 2nd year, responds to LA Times article “Who killed Antioch? Womyn”

Hi Ms. Daum,

I’m an Antioch student who just finished her first year. I’m writing because I read your column “Who Killed Antioch? Womyn” in the LA Times, and I’m concerned about your comment on our SOPP, and the trend it (your comment, not our policy) represents. SOPP-era Antiochians are used to the assortment of media misperceptions that have, since 1993, asserted themselves in the face of all evidence and good sense. But in the wake of the announcement of our college’s closing, what used to be a puzzling phenomenon has become salt in the wound. You rightly note that the SOPP and public relations have had a shaky relationship. But you are incorrect to suggest that the policy is infantilizing, and offensive, if not strictly wrong, to characterize its historical context as “hysteria”. I’ll say groundswell, you can say hysteria, and we’ll still be talking about the same 200,000 some sexual assaults reported in ‘04-’05. Which, interestingly, is down 69% since 1993. (Bureau of Justice Statistics)

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ComCil approves Editorial Policy Record awaiting re-installation of online edition

By Kim-Jenna Jurriaans

In a unanimous vote, ComCil on Thursday march 8th approved a new editorial policy for The Record. The two page long document is the result of five months of deliberation and revision and will open the way for the community paper to resume its operations online. Hugs, cheers and congratulations went around the room at the last ComCil meeting before the break, celebrating the approval of a new editorial policy for The Record. Only days before, the Antioch College alumni board, which gathered on campus the previous weekend for its three day spring meeting, made a symbolic statement by adopting a resolution in favor of putting The Record back online as soon as possible. The newly approved editorial policy is key in this effort of once again making the paper available outside of the Yellow Springs community.

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Dispatches from Community Meeting

By Kathryn Leahey

Every Tuesday, I wait outside the door of a familiar room in McGregor and wait for a Keeper of the Keys to arrive. Every week, I proceed to sit down in the same chair, pen and paper at the ready, and wait for the other attendants to shuffle in. Nearly every time, I am amazed by how few people bother to show up. “Where is everybody?” has become one of Levi’s new catchphrases. This query is almost inevitably followed by repeated requests for each of us to take out our cell phones and text two friends demanding that they make an appearance. This week’s appeal, however, was only made once and half-heartedly at that. He did not even bother to plead with the stubborn minority present to move toward the front of the room.

After a handful of thank-yous, over half of which made by the CMs themselves, and Bob Devine was recognized as Community Member of the Week for his faithful service on ComCil, RAB, and innumerable subcommittees, the new director of the Coretta Scott King Center, Dr. Dana Patterson was introduced to the community. Some announcements concerning this weekend’s festivities – a mock Homecoming game and dance earlier Friday evening, a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show late Friday night, DIV on Saturday, and, most importantly, Quiz Bowl at 6 on Sunday – were made.

This week’s Pulse was brief, concerning the defacement of SOPP posters around campus. Mariel shared a positive interpersonal experience she had involving the checklists posted in the dance space. The topic of getting consent from everyone involved in an interaction, including those who have to watch it, was brought up once again, as was the existence of sober walkers. Ultimately, the meeting lasted less than thirty minutes. A group in attendance polled cited the vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce available as the most exciting and memorable part of the meeting.