‘Social Networking Websites’ and Antioch College

With the recent popularity of ‘social networking’ websites such as myspace and facebook it’s inevitable that Antioch College communities, including current students as well as alumni have jumped on these sites in an effort network, communicate and socialize. However, you might not find some of these spots unless you know where to look. This article is not meant to be a complete list but rather a sampling of some of the ones I happen to have stumbled across. There are some that have a more interesting story behind them, like Friendster, while others are fairly self-explanatory. Probably the best thing about all these sites is that, at least as far as I can tell, no one ‘official’ from the college is running these virtual entities and thus some of the comments on these sites can get pretty interesting. Note, for many of these you’ll need to create an account to access them. Continue reading ‘Social Networking Websites’ and Antioch College

Dapper, Posh Partiers Get Down at Black and Tan

By the Cooperative Council for a Non-Wack Social Scene 

20061020-blackandtan1.jpgPhotos By Nicole Bayani 

I never went to prom, and I’m ok with that. More now than ever, seeing as I can someday reflect back upon last Tuesday night’s Black and Tan party and let it fill the hole in my heart left by my premature flight from my high schools hallowed halls. Would prom have served tasty Black and Tans, or been open to the kind of experimental fashion technology showcased at last Tuesday night’s party? I think not. Birch space was sauna hot and sex seeped from the dimmed ceiling lights as classily clad co-eds lubed up each others formal wear with homage’s to Dirty Dancing, and Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back? video. Noteworthy dance pairing Barefoot Frank and first year Bethany were seen participating in some sort twisted collegiate hippy mating ritual which involved theatrical interpretive dance, and the little mermaid. I personally am seeking counseling to help expedite the healing process, as Coolio once wisely sung “Too hot. Too hot baby.?

The fashion bar was raised, as Antioch students busted out their Sunday best. Some memorable America’s Next Top Model hopefuls were fourth-year Kendlin, who looked something like an empowered Stepford Wife in vintage red and white skirt-suit, Whitney Stark filling in my prom queen fantasies in vintage homecoming court couture later remarked of the event “ The Party was sloppy.? Morgan Realegaño appeared incognito for the evening, first as an awkward bearded fat man, and later as Megan Homewood. Contrary to Relegaño’s repeated claims, Luke Brennan appeared quite dapper, not at all a “two-bit man in a one-bit suit?. Lauren Hind, in awards show host fashion was spotted in no less than 3 different outfits, when she wasn’t sprinting up and down the stairs from the commons to her dorm room for fashion rehab, she was spotted dancing fervently with Mariel Traiman, who really enjoyed it by the way… to bad Lauren had to cut the party short to go have a conversation with a toilet bowl.

First years were out in droves, and out to impress- Shea Witzo looked remarkable, and made an amicable dance partner with her assertive gyrations. Emma Emmerich looked wicked hot in polka dots as she was spotted dancing up a storm with Daniel McCurdy, who dressed as Rod Stewart for the event. Kelly Ahrens was quoted as saying of the night “It lead to interesting events…? with a distant and nostalgic look in her eyes, where as Jayne had a different and uplifting spin on the evening “ I was happy, it was good and healing. Lots of people together can be good.? I want to send out the following PSA inspired by a first year student who wished to remain anonymous who confided the following to me: “I don’t know if I can handle the pressure, I didn’t know I’d need so many outfits, I think I have to transfer to a regular school.? Don’t worry kids- if all else fails, just wear your unders.

Black and Tan raised the bar for dance theatrics, leaving eyebrows quirked and gossipy drunken text messages scrawled across LCD screens. Marissa Fisher wanted to voice the following plea to the community “A little less ‘Cowabunga’ a little more chumbawumba.? And 2nd year transfer Mariel Traiman wished to send out an apology. “ I may have been a little out of hand… you see my hips don’t lie. There were some gratuitous levels of dance floor near fucking that maybe weren’t in the best taste, I guess I watched too many Prince videos when I was a kid… fuck it. I had a great time, I got to make out.? Her dance partner for the evening Erin Cisewski had a different, more wholesome take on things
“The best part of the evening was when I turned around and all of a sudden Ryan Clover-Owens just appeared, we started spinning and dancing, it was so fun. I cringe to think how many people were dancing barefoot in my spilled Gin and Tonic. I promise next time Mariel and I will have practiced our Johnny Castle, and Baby moves a little more before the party. I was going to transfer, but now after partying in Birch space, I have something to look forward to for the next three years.? On a more serious note Lauren Hind wished to express the following: “Whoever kicked down my bathroom stall door will be trampled by the hooves of 1,000 horses. Prepare to run or get out your screwdriver and fix it!!?

An interesting component of the night’s goings on was the cage match competitive crowning of “Best Dressed?. The award went to a denim clad mystery woman who looked remarkably like our own Wendy- Lynn Zeldin, who was tragically M.I.A. for the evening. I’d like to use this venue to write a poem to said mystery woman:

Though I don’t know your name, political leanings, or dietary concerns- I know that the sight of you in that smokin’ jumpsuit has turned this jaded cynic into an art critic, baby you’re fine like the lite-brite sunsets my fumbling fingers could never replicate. When global temperature rises, I’ll know it’s not greenhouse gasses but your ass… assets that is, because you remind me of fresh greens, roller derby queens, rompin’ through corn fields, and hazy mid-western days when you know every things going to be ok… want to split a bottle of wine and talk love sometime?

Black and Tan… That was more like it, shout out to the events crew for once again turning fantasy into reality by creating a venue for droves of awkward Antiochians to seizure slide across a dance floor of broken dreams, and new hope resurrected. If we get nothing else from our college career we will always have the pulse pounding flirtation ritual that is an Antioch dance party. When your eyes meet across that crowded floor, and lips get bit, winks get exchanged and futures get written in the stars, you know you are truly alive. When hydration is provided by tasty (and well mixed, thanks Kelly!) gin and tonics which strip you of your inhibitions, and create endless avenues of self expression and opportunities for assof- one-self making… you know you have a purpose, and that purpose is- to dance, or find someone to make out with, whatever your into. I’d like to end this weeks article with a personal anecdote; about 3 years ago, this reporter braved the highways between Colorado and Ohio with thumb out optimism, and a head full of tales of the wonders of Antioch to visit a friend. I arrived and was invited to attend a pajama party. I went dressed modestly in pajama pants, and hiking boots and was immediately met with sensory overload. Everywhere I looked there were scantily clad strangers dancing with uninhibited and awe inspiring passion, I could only stare awkwardly and wonder if I could ever be a part of such a wild, and undiluted community of beautiful wack-job individuals- and now here I am, and I can only hope my ample ass shaking will someday inspire some cute young wallflower to grab life by the ovaries and remember- there is nothing to be shy about. Yeah Antioch community, keep on keeping on. Ya’ll are hot.20061020-blackandtan3.jpg

Community Art Showcased in Pennell House


20061020-pennell1.jpgPhotos by Kari Thompson

Last Friday night’s art party showcased the talent of a veritable smorgasbord of community artisans. Works ranged from photos, to paintings, to advantageous performance pieces, as Antiochians dropped their pitchforks and Molotov cocktails in favor of wine glasses, and tasty hors devourers. Pennel house was transformed into an art gallery for the evening, and rag tag Antioch students were transformed into hoity toity (fancy pantsy) art critics, and connoisseurs. Some noteworthy pieces included some beautifully restored photographs by Ms. Lauren Hind, Hope Swigart’s jarring and captivating senior project, and some real pretty collective work from the AEG. Props to Erin Winter for her hard work in rounding up and creating a venue for the expression of some really great talent.
Pennel house literally buzzed with hushed chatter, and subtle flirtations. From the porch, where chilly smokers congregated to discuss art, and semantics (is Frumpy really a word?) to the first floor and its effective use of balloon technology- Pennel house provided a more intimate, and sophisticated atmosphere then the more raunchy seedy back alley grinding factory that is the Antioch dance space. Maybe it was this elevated level of mature socialization that enabled Emma Emmerich to keep her ass off me for five minutes. Mahina Embers who was responsible for a sweet series of polaroids was also responsible for a sweet series of broken hearts, leaving us all pondering- where’d you learn to walk in those heels? I also can’t help but wonder Sarah Buckingham, did you get the guy… you know the guy who ran off with your sleeves? Mariel Traiman said of the evening “It was fun, but then I left… to make out.? Chris McKinless’ nipples were back in action, as he stunned crowds with his JC Penny apparel 3 buttons undone, check my locket flare. Brokeback Perry’s cowboy hat rivaled the artwork for most compliments received throughout the course of the evening, and not to be forgotten was Marissa Fisher resplendent in a lovely green frock, as she performed an avant garde piece in which she provided useful service which ranged from dream interpretation, to nick name christening. Marissa, we wish to thank you for your creativity, and continued spirit- we hope Antioch always has a space available for your shenanigans.20061020-pennell4.jpg

Contributing artist Jeremie Jordan has spent years looking for credit in the straight world, and his travels have landed him here. I was fortunate enough to be able to sit down with this up and coming super star to talk “art?.

CCNWS: Jeremie, what is art?

JJ: In my personal opinion, the dominant academic view of art is that it is a form of communication. Though sometimes there might be a message in painting, etc. In my opinion, and for me, it’s more about the process than the result. If people like it, they like it, but that’s not why people should make art.

CCNWS: Tell us about your piece

JJ: It’s a glock 45… is that a real gun? But seriously, I did an oil painting of Emma Goldman at 17, because she’s one of my heroes. And I did a painting on a piece of a desk which belonged to my sister, and framed it in an antique cigarette dispenser.

CCNWS: As a real world artist, what do you think of the Antioch art scene?

JJ: It is my experience that there have been two distinct art worlds, the introverted student art scenes where galleries will only host works from local college students, and the art scene of the DIY punk rock variety where people throw shows for each other, and hope to gain attention elsewhere.

CCNWS: Do you feel like being a college student will add to or detract from your art?

JJ: I would say that there are more distractions in school, where before I had all the time I needed to devote to anything I wanted to accomplish. But either way my art is typically inspired by my environment, and the events in my life, so I imagine that they can mutually inspire each other.

CCNWS: In closing, who would you say is the best dressed Antiochian.

JJ: Erin Cisewski, and Alice Philbrick. Emma Woodruff wowed audiences with her vocal range, and guitar strummings. The band Drive By Schiavo wrecked the house with their rip roaring good time rock and roll rhythmic romps. People were seen crowding into the doorways, elated at the prospect of being within spitting distance of these hot on the scene pseudo rock stars, who added to their elusive allure by playing in the near pitch black darkness. Transfer student Erin Cisewski remarked “I’m so bored I could die? Moments before plummeting out the window as she leaned into the night to light a clove cigarette.

In summation, it’s sometimes nice to give your hips and ear drums a rest from the bumping bass lines, and booty-rap lyricism of yester year to settle down with some nice noise rock, wine, cheese, and good art. Sleep with the angels dear community, this is the Co-operative council for a non-wack social scene.


Freaks and Geeks

or Where the hell was everyone last Friday night?

By the cooperative council for a non-wack social scene
Photos by Kari Thompson

Last Friday night’s party had a slew of campus Freaks and/or Geeks crawling out of their respective crevices stashed throughout the dampest dungeons, and most studious corners of Antioch Campus.

Birch space was transformed into the middle school auditorium dance space of our dreams, and I personally found it hard not to revert to the pre-pubescent wallflowerish tendencies of my youth as my eyes were met with a bevy of familiar faces transformed into caricatures of S&M sex sluts, and D&D dorkbags. Special shout outs go to J Switlick- D.J. spinster extraordinaire for holding it down on the tables for upwards of 2 hours, and playing my hearts secret anthem- yeah, never mind all the posturing, this reporter is searching for a Real Love, just like Mary J. circa 1995.


Megan Homewood & Whitney
Stark reveal surprising inner life

But was the party as Michael Khayat put it so eloquently “Lameo, same-o, no one to blame-o, just like taco bell- different party, same ingredients?? Or was it another shining example of the stylish debauchery which permeates the underbelly of our fine school? It’s kind of like the way people try purposefully to show up late to things so they won’t be the first ones there, but if no one comes, there is no party. It’s a dangerous cycle, people become disillusioned by the perceived sameness of Friday night parties, and numbers dwindle- yes loyal readers, skin will be bared, pelvises will be ground into each other in a rhythmic humpy fashion, first years will inevitably fall down, but just like vaginas- no two parties are the same. We need numbers, turn out, seriously what else is going on in our sleepy Midwestern hollow? It’s worth showing up if only to see Nate Love dance, and with a broom no less! I bet you’re sorry you missed that.

Some interviewees were more optimistic- or drunk, 2nd year transfer Shauna Pearson reminisced, “ I had a great time. Tequila was the devil, Jameson was like a sub-devil, but Tequila was actually Satan.? Other part goers were impressed with the effort put into outfits, Patrice Wyman remarked- “ Carrie had a sweet ass outfit, her glasses were fucking sweet… I got really shit faced.? It goes w i t h o u t saying shit faced was a theme last Friday night, I heard at least two tales of near death experiences. One party goer recalled- “A thump, followed by a red head on the ground.? And another terrifying tale of death defiance had a certain saran wrapped third year dangling precariously from a third floor window of North, before she was rescued by another heroic third year who was thoughtful enough to pull her back in through a second story window. Yes communityalcohol, plus irresponsibility equals blatant displays of stupid. It’s all right, you can hate me, I’m bulletproof.

For the name dropping portion of my article I will start with Wendy-Lynn Zeldin, resplendent in classy black dress and cute little bow- I have no words, other than: call me. James Kutil, creative as always was begging for a kick in the pants as he shook his cute little ass all over the dance floor, accompanied by Patrice “Gramma? Wyman who aside from being adorable was eerily reminiscent of the crazy cat lady I grew up down the block from. Meredith “lady on the streets, freak in the sheets? Root wielded a boa with uncanny expertise as she shook her shit with assassin like precision. First years Jeremiah and Riley impressively shined the dance floor with a rhythmic compulsion that’s still sending chills through my girly parts, and Walid- Oh Walid, who knew six simple words could drip like poetry from your lips and straight into my subconscious, when the world is silent I can still hear you saying “Can I roll up on you?? what a gentleman. Other notable guests included a goose, a rat-tailed sailor, and Captain Kirk, Chris McKinless’ nipples were unfortunately nowhere to be seen. Mariel Traiman had to say of the evening “ It was fun. People looked good. I got to make out…a lot.? Her positivity is always appreciated in the sometimes sea of emotive ambivalence, for example when questioned about his feelings on the evening Wesley “Danger? Hiserman had only to say: “The cigarette wasn’t worth 25 cents?.

Not to be forgotten were the 4 (by my slightly intoxicated count) women in lab coats. I had no idea Antioch’s pre-med program was so prolific, I felt like I was dodging speculums and bio-technology like Steve Lawry dodges direct questions from the student body… j/k. Please don’t shut us down. Basketball shorts, and domesticated animals on t-shirts were also in high style, Whitney Stark’s “I <3 Horses? t-shirt still stands out in my mind. Jelesia Clyburn coerced the night into a beautiful finish with her enviable music selection skills, and sent the Antioch freak and geek population stumbling drunkenly back to their beds, to rest their sweaty little heads on their bed bath and beyond pillows, and slip off into the dream world. I feel that a good party is truly revolutionary. Every time we get together and listen to the wisdom of top 40 hip hop and R&B jams, jump, spin, grind, and slink surreptitiously into corners to make out with fervent passionwe prove that we can transcend the bullshit. Every party is direct action- when we come together over the common goal of fun, when we dance in the face of adversity, when we showcase blatant displays of deviant sexuality and dissidence from the status quo of “college party culture? we become stronger as people, and as a community. Do not write off parties as “same shit, different costumes? embrace the silliness, and the opportunity to uphold a legacy of true radicalism- for every time a boy slips on a skirt, or some youngin’ gets their first taste of non-monogamy, every time someone finds themselves comfortable enough to dance like a spaz face with a group of co-conspiring spaz faces, we are truly (to quote Gandhi) “Be(ing) the change we wish to see in the world.? Riding off on my high horse into the sunset- this is the Cooperative council for a non-wack social scene urging you to stop being such a cynical shut in ass hole and come out and dance, cuz you might think you’re to cool for school, but you’re probably not. Except for maybe a couple of you.20061013-freaks2.jpg

Keri gregory looks for freakish slam dunk

Students Grumble as Problems Plague IT Department

broken-laptop.jpg By Paige Clifton-Steele

The staff knows it and the students notice it: the Information Technology department at Antioch College is understaffed and under-funded. “We’ve had consistency issues. We’ve had authentication issues. And it was generally inconvenient in the beginning,? says Shea Witzberger, first year. She isn’t alone in her complaints—many Antioch users of WiFi continue to experience similar problems.

According to a June 2002 study released by the Gartner Group, a respected computer-consulting firm, one IT support person is required for every seventy Macintosh computers, or for every forty-five PCs. The Antioch Information Technology department has six people, in addition to one co-op student and the manager of the website, who lives and works out of state. When measured against the approximately 1,200 users who make up Antioch College and Antioch University McGregor, it becomes clear how disproportionate these numbers are. That’s one staff member for every two hundred users.

The implications of this are many. First year students have complained about the wireless in North Hall—mostly about problems that have since been resolved. However, students continue to lament short-term problems with wireless. “I’m glad that they’ve been so helpful with my concerns online, though.?

Several students report being better able to access support online, while their in-person requests receive less priority. Paul Deardorff, Systems Administrator, acknowledges that questions put to him in his office or the hall may fall by the wayside. “People will come up and say I’m having a problem with this, I’m having a problem with that…And to be honest with you, it’s hard to keep up. It’s much easier for us if someone were to log into the helpdesk and put a helpdesk ticket up.?

Sometimes, students and staff vary on what constitutes a problem; several students are concerned about privacy policies on First Class, while IT staff would like to handle the issue informally.

“I am concerned about privacy in my First Class Account,? says Sean Bradley, straight white male first year. “And most people’s initial passwords were logarithms of their names and some fairly consistent number…?

However, Brown differs, “I don’t know of any policy, but to be honest I don’t see the need for one because every person in the IT department very firmly believes that we don’t mess with your mail unless somebody real, real high up above asks us to.? At MacGregor, policy states that that person is the president of the school. It remains ambiguous who would have the authority to ask that of the department at the college level.

Cassie Collins, a fourth year co-oping in the department, says, “What I have seen would lead me to believe that there is not [a privacy policy regarding First Class moderation].? Asked whether she believes there is a call for one, she says yes, qualifying, “But not because anything that IT has done.?

Another problem hampering the efficiency of the department is its tendency to be pulled into audiovisual maintenance jobs that are not strictly computer related. Collins believes she has a solution: “I think just having one person to handle AV would be useful. Take a coop student, teach them all about the AV, and just have them run AV support.?

Units, in addition to North Hall, has wireless internet, while Birch and Spalt remain connected with Ethernet. Spalt residents complain of few problems with their internet, but North has suffered a series of setbacks since students arrived in September.

The IT department made changes to the North wireless network just prior to the beginning of the academic school year because of a PHD program residency, but the changes caused problems that went undetected for a few weeks. “There was a difference in firmware between the AP2000 and the AP4000,? says Tom Brown. “We couldn’t figure it out for a while because we couldn’t see a trend. We had to make the wireless open, available to everyone.?

During this time, students in North could access the wireless network without a certificate. A few weeks later, it was resecured.

Understaffing isn’t the only problem that plagues the department. On the second floor of the library is a pile of broken computers awaiting disposal. “The village won’t take them because they’re not environmentally safe to dispose of,? says Brown. Though a few of them were removed when Dylan Reiff took them for use in his show. ‘Robocalypse’ last term, Brown still stays, “I think we need to work with physical plan to make that happen. They’re piling up every time one dies.?

Asked what makes the IT department at Antioch unique than that of other schools, Deardorff says with pride that the members of the IT department have a variety of degrees and areas of expertise different from the usual computer-related studies. These range from philosophy to English.