Lust With Levi

Dear Levi B.,

I consider myself to be a queer man, but, for whatever reason, I’ve only ever dated straight women. I just got out of a long-term relationship, so I’m trying to put myself back on the market. Recently, I’ve been communicating with a woman online who I found through a Craigslist personal ad who identifies as queer. From some of the things she’s told me, I’m starting to think that she might be a trans woman. We haven’t met in person, yet, but I feel a little nervous and I’m wondering if I should bring it up with her.
Crushin’ and Questioning

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Lust with Levi

Dear Levi B.,

I have a small problem. Okay – a big problem. I have a big, big crush on one of my professors. Obviously, I am a student. I have trouble paying attention in class, and I’m sometimes too nervous to talk in our
discussions. I know it sounds crazy, but I feel like we might be a good match. Help!
Pining for Professor
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