Thank the Gods that this blasted semester is almost over! Let the revelry commence!

Dela, I adore you. Thank you for making my term so wonderful. xo -niko

“Poopularity Planner” and “Gorilla recruitment” are less funny when they seem when you’re wasted

Nicole, I love you I’m glad you’re here. I’m sorry about the shit that went down this weekend

I found your sock 🙂

Kelsey, this place won’t be the same without you 🙁 Emma

To whoever called North Friday Night saying “reverse racism doesn’t exist” this is no way to win an argument. It only puts the people’s backs up, and makes an agreement less likely -Lincoln

Andy…even though you’re leaving:
A is for awesome
N is for naughty
D is for dangerous
Y is for…YEAH!
I hope this sin’t the part where I join a threesome and you OD

Molly- Can you kick it? [heart] Kelly+Ruffi

~Jeanne~ I loved spending hours in the Record office with you, and all the hugs,conversations about our love lives. I will miss you dearly. Good luck at Bard 🙂 -Your friend, Eva

Dearest Tallest Weasley, Everyone thinks you’re cute, but I think you’re smart and funny and so, so warm. Thanks for your warmth

Dear Gabby S. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to put together a care package for you before the end of the term, I hope to do it next term
Debra- I’m sad to see you go. I have loved working with you. Best of luck

Dude; talk softer, listen much more, read a book. [heart] a dude

Happy Birthday Ruthie S. You are sooo Rad!

hey Chris I am wanting to be nice and say older students don’t hate you, we just want you to be an informed community member

Stang, Chill

Happy Birthday Elizabut!

Taylor and Caroline, 5 weeks is too long, I’m waiting for you in Chicago! [heart] Greer


Drew G. You rock

Fissiparous-Not infringeable
Leaves, snow,
etc. And you? I am

Antioch-leaving you might be the stupidest or the bravest thing I ever do. Maybe both.
We’ll see

Dear Kenzie, Randall just isn’t the same without you 🙁 I miss you already -your former neighbor

Thank you Bob Devine for your classes, thanks for being an opportunity for me to learn

Shauna you’re my shining love

I do as I love; I mean no one my harm

Happy Birthday Ruth! and thanks for reminding me about it while handing me the declassified box

Mahina’s home!

You don’t mean **** to me Potanks

Antioch kids keep on Loving!

Poverty Pride!

Happy Birthday Yuko!!! Don’t know how/who I’d live without you Love, -Roomie

Jiggly Booty, i just wanted to say Jiggly Booty. -Fatty Cakes

Charlie, Thanks for closing the door

Thank you for everything this term. You’re one of the greatest people I’ve known [heart] M

To all rich kids enjoy your gifts. I just wanna eat for Christmas. -Poor people

Sorry Charlie

Fuck the first year upperclassmen divide. No seriously, let’s do it.

Love is the shortest distance between two people

Antioch, Let’s come together

Sweet term