Do you have a contact with an organization that works primarily with youth? If so, you’re helpful to the admissions and recruitment process!!

We’re looking for students who have worked with organizations who could help us network to spread the word that Antioch is open and draw attention to the kind of students we want at Antioch.  For example, I worked with GLSEN – the gay, lesbian, straight education network in high school and could help get the word out to gay/straight alliances about Antioch College.

If you have any type of connection, we’ll help you with the work that needs to happen to make them an ally of Antioch!

Just send me an email or call/stop by the office,
Chelsea Martens
Community Manager
Antioch College
795 Livermore St.
Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387
The Chicago Chapter of the Antioch College Alumni Association invites you and your parents  to an open house and
you for an admissions workshop during winter break.
The alums in the Chicago area really want to connect with you, listen to your concerns, and to work with you to help move the College forward.  We are out here working hard to secure your future at Antioch and care very much about your welfare!
Please call or e-mail:    Kathy Huff, Chapter Organizer, as soon as possible for details at
(773) 241-7141 or

Are you going to an event or conference in the next couple of months?

Take admissions material with you and spread the word about Antioch! We have a form letter you can use to ask for permission at these events, if you’d like.

Contact CG for more information