ComCil Update

By Natalie Martn
Chris Biesele came to Comcil to present a potential change to the Leg Code regarding flyers. A resident of North, Biesele has become  frustrated at the multitude of flyers in his hall, especially posters put up on surfaces other than the official bulletin board and posters that stay up long after they are relevant. As a remedy, Biesele suggested limiting flyer posting to residents of the specific hall.
After lengthy discussion of the proposal, Comcil member Beth Goodney noted that many of Biesele’s complaints were already addressed in the Leg Code, but were not being enforced. Events Manager Rory Adams-Cheatam suggested that “the issue isn’t so much revising the Leg Code, but following what’s already in there.”
Comcil members generally agreed that it was important to balance the information needs of the student community and the need to keep the buildings uncluttered. While no specific resolution was passed, Comcil agreed to meet informally to discuss the best way to remind people of the flyer policy. Housing Director and Comcil member Katrina Dorsey will remind Resident Advisors about the various flyer policies as well.
Comcil next discussed the alteration of the CG officers’ job descriptions to include some of the activities they’ve engaged in since the college’s closure was announced. The CG officers had tried to express the additional duties they had gotten in a general way that would be useful to future CG officers.
Comcil member Bob Devine questioned the wisdom of adding to the job descriptions. “I don’t know if you want to codify extraordinary circumstances into a job description. If the plague sweeps through Ohio tomorrow, what is CG going to do?” he asked.
Faculty Senate Liasons Beverly Rodgers suggested that, rather than amending the job descriptions, the CG officers should create a job summary that can be passed on to later CG officers. After extensive discussion, Sarah Buckingham moved that CG report monthly to Comcil, in writing. After another half hour of discussion of the finer points of this motion, it passed.
Finally, Community Manager Chelsea Martens began a discussion about Comcils role in admissions issues. Employees of the college are not currently allowed to recruit students, although the actual reasons for this are obscure, but students have been assisting in recruitment. There was extensive discussion about the appropriate way to warn people of the uncertainty of Antioch’s future, but little was actually agreed on. Comcil Chair Fela PierreLouis suggested that there be a JointCil next term, after Comcil and Adcil members are elected, to discuss these issues.