Letter from Mary L. McCubbin ’75

I’m probably the only student who saw Antioch president James Dixon (who started the off-campus centers that became elements of Antioch University) walk to and from the main building to fire then chancellor F.X. Shea in 1975. Students, concerned alumni, and faculty appealed to the trustees who met in the Antioch Inn dining room and decided to fire Dr. Dixon and reinstate Dr. Shea

Decades later, it’s clear that some of the “centers” evolved into self-sustaining and vibrant educational institutions on their own. Others (including the Antioch School of Law) failed and folded. It’s fine with me that there are learning places that share some of the Antioch values with the school that started in Yellow Springs. I think it would be a tragedy to lose the original Antioch campus to attrition and perpetual budget cutting.

I’m having a hard time trusting Toni Murdoch to provide the energy and leadership to lead the rebirth of Antioch College; this limits my ability to give of my time and treasure to help. I await further developments with interest. If the University and the College can get it together to come up with a plan worthy of Antioch College, I’ll be happy to contribute as much as I can.

Mary L. McCubbin Class of 1975