Letter from Carl Hyde ’48

To the Editor and the students:

Along with the euphoria of knowing that our beloved college will not die I have a feeling of great respect and gratitude to the current students. You have been the kind of students that best represent the ideals of Antioch. It is of great importance that you all came in September, even though you had no assurance that you could complete your education here. That fact, and your calm, mature presence during the weekend of the board meeting played a significant role in the outcome.

What happens now? The story is not over. In fact it is really just beginning. We need to do all we can to minimize the downsizing that the agreement envisions. We need to start on the upgrading of all the College buildings. That means that we, the alumni, and all others who support Antioch College need to keep raising money. This may include parents and grandparents of current students, even if they are not alumni.

The acting president will need to convince the Ohio Board of Regents that we are now capable of a four-year education and that he can grant degrees beyond the end of December 2008. That will make it possible for you to recruit your younger sibs and friends still in high school. All of us can help in this effort.
I can imagine that high school seniors, reading about the recent events at Antioch, may say to themselves, “That sounds like a really exciting place. That’s where I want to go!”
That is what I hope.
So keep doing all the wonderful things you are doing so well. We haven’t won the war yet, but we are getting there.
Carl Hyde (Antioch ‘48)