Letter from Steve Mooser ‘72

To Antioch Students,

I am over at a conference in Europe and immersed in the duties of participating in that.  I read the NYTimes dispatch which indicated in part that after the initial euphoria among students last Saturday, there was concern because nothing in the “historic agreement” was firm and permanent about the future of the college.  There are multiple conditions, provisions and questions.

Your reaction is completely understandable and logical.  We (alumni) of our college have come quite a ways since June in our determination to save the college.  So have you in all that you have done to change the course set by the trustees.  We are not turning back.  Our commitment starts with you to make sure you complete your undergraduate education at Antioch.  We will continue to pledge our life experience, academic expertise, and financial support to make that happen.

Steve Mooser ‘72