Dispatches from Community Meeting

Beginning with applause and admiration for literally every one on, around, and off campus, and ending in voiced disappointment over the cutbacks on hot breakfast, this year’s fi rst community meeting covered a lot of ground in a little time (sort of). McGregor 113, fi lled with a lot of old faces, and several new ones, was immersed in applause and a recurring sense of Antioch pride every few minutes, which helped to lead to its lengthy two hour session. Continue reading Dispatches from Community Meeting

Alma Matters

By Kim-Jenna Jurriaans

For Joan Meadows, former library assistant, the last five months have been turbulent. In February she was one of four library workers burdened with the task of keeping a highly understaffed Olive Kettering Library running after the unexpected death of Joe Cali. Now she is filing for unemployment as one of 20 staff members who were the first to lose their jobs after the announced closing of Antioch College by its Board of Trustees in June. The board claims continuing financial deficit on the part of the College as reason for its decision.

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College Faculty file law suit against BOT

“I feel stupid for not having seen this coming”, exclaims Lynda White, class of ‘88, “It frightens me that this is the way they are going to handle everything now: a big quagmire and not telling us anything. I’m very upset”.

It is 8:10 PM Eastern Time, and the alumni that have gathered in a small East Village theatre to watch the Board of Trustees’ Q&A broadcast are upset indeed. Antioch University Chancellor Toni Murdock just announced the cancellation of the event. The official reason? Antioch College faculty have just filed a permanent injunction against the BOT. “We are now unable to comment on the lawsuit or its subject matter” declared Murdock.

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CG Goes To NY – The Record – November 7, 2001

By Chad Johnston, Dietrich Delrieu-Schulze, Tim Noble

Four of us drove to Manhattan for an uncertain chance at speaking with the Executive Committee of the Antioch Board of Trustees. We went in an attempt to represent aspects of the College that too easily disappear from consideration when numbers relating to finances become the primary focus of sweeping changes. Essentially, we wanted to present faces and flesh alongside the proposal and the process that produced it.

CG Goes To NY – The Record – November 7, 2001.pdf


“Cuts on this scale are simply not viable without sacrificing the integrity of the College as a Liberal Arts school.” – page 1

“We will be set back 15 years of progress with cuts as extreme as those proposed for the next two and a half years. “ – page 2