Question of the Week: Staff Special!

So, lovely Nonstop staff, what’s your Genderfuck costume idea?

Carole, Joan, Joyce and Nancy

Carole- Urkel, except I don’t have a really suave alter ego like he did.

Joan- I’d be Pat from SNL

Joyce- Dolly Parton.


Meghan- An androgynous love doll.


Chelsea- One time I was femme. That was pretty funny.

CG Goes To NY – The Record – November 7, 2001

By Chad Johnston, Dietrich Delrieu-Schulze, Tim Noble

Four of us drove to Manhattan for an uncertain chance at speaking with the Executive Committee of the Antioch Board of Trustees. We went in an attempt to represent aspects of the College that too easily disappear from consideration when numbers relating to finances become the primary focus of sweeping changes. Essentially, we wanted to present faces and flesh alongside the proposal and the process that produced it.

CG Goes To NY – The Record – November 7, 2001.pdf


“Cuts on this scale are simply not viable without sacrificing the integrity of the College as a Liberal Arts school.” – page 1

“We will be set back 15 years of progress with cuts as extreme as those proposed for the next two and a half years. “ – page 2