Beehive Collective Pollinates Community Day

A tiny swarm descended upon Yellow Springs on Nonstop’s Community Day, on March 25th. The bees, as they call themselves, are members of the Beehive Collective, a political media-arts collective based out of Maine. Their mission is to “cross-pollinate the grassroots,” touring their large-scale graphic campaigns that intricately weave together the environmental and social aspects of issues from around the globe. With a focus on horizontal organizing, consensus based decision making, and communal living, they had a lot to share with the Nonstop community.


The giant banner they were currently touring focused on MTR, or mountain top removal, a modern form of coal mining that uses heavy machinery to blast away the entire mountain top. This mechanized process exposes a seam of coal that is then scraped away. In addition, this method requires the rock and debris that once was a mountain to be scraped off and dumped into the surrounding valley, decimating one of the most bio-diverse places in the world. In addition, it negatively affects all communities in its wake, destroying their land and forests, toxifying the water and soil, and continuing to weaken a historically exploited and economically depressed region. The complex graphic was compiled of several large sections depicting different aspects of this involved issue. These included a social and environmental history of Appalachia, the changes in industrial and mining process, the effects of mining and coal consumption locally and globally, and a picture of current resistance and a vision of a healthy Appalachia.


Rather than use images of miners, coal companies, and other human constituencies, the posters make use of plants and animals from the bioregion to play these roles. The story becomes even more visibly connected to the history of the place they are dealing with. The bees do much of their research on site, and have spent months traveling Appalachia to gather a picture that is relevant and real from the people that are living with and fighting the socially and environmentally destructive practice of mountain top removal.

At Nonstop’s Community Day, they gave a presentation discussing the situation, the graphic, their work and missions as an organization, and the work that is to be done. They facilitated small group discussions to process the material and generate feedback about their work. Simultaneously, the groups generated ideas about solutions, organizing, and further work against mountain top removal. The bees stayed for long conversations and did some networking, sharing, and organizing with the community, and even ate at the acclaimed Nonstop weekly staple, Big Beautiful Pizza. They talked with children at Mills Lawn before heading to their next tour stop later that day. The community’s reaction was quite positive. As one community member said, “It feels good to be able to talk together about something important that isn’t our own institutional issues.”

At the April 7th COPAS (Community Organizing, Participation, Action and Service) Community Meeting, Nonsters reflected on organizing and about our experience with the bees. Meghan Pergrem, current Nonstop Co-Community Manager, reflected on their visual presence helping our community to understand what they were doing. Chelsea Martens, our other Co-Community Manager, appreciated their use of those visuals to reduce reliance on a specific language and make the material accessible to a wider audience, which the bees covered in their presentation.

The community’s discussion about our lessons from the Beehive included observations about their skills in communication, methods of research and organization, their process of presentation and education, and the similarities and joint struggles between our two communities with regards to commitment, transience, individual and collective needs, and the specific struggles of communal living and working. This illustrated a connection and a depth of learning and conversation that has stayed with this community since the bees presented here. While we were sad to see them buzz off, we’ve clearly been cross-pollinated.

Inspired by the Bees, Nonsters work on a mural of their own.

Question of the Week: Staff Special!

So, lovely Nonstop staff, what’s your Genderfuck costume idea?

Carole, Joan, Joyce and Nancy

Carole- Urkel, except I don’t have a really suave alter ego like he did.

Joan- I’d be Pat from SNL

Joyce- Dolly Parton.


Meghan- An androgynous love doll.


Chelsea- One time I was femme. That was pretty funny.


Barrie Grennell-
You are my

I <3
Molly & Shay &
ReuBen & Emily
& Kelly & Katie!

Annie B,
We got your back.

Funky fermented food=
too much fun.
Thanks to all.

We can get
through March

Dear Meghan Pergrem,
You are the hottest
girl at Nonstop
-A Secret Admirer

Wish we were spring breaking
together, alone.

“All that is gold does not glitter,
not all who wander are lost”
Yes, I believe that sums us up.

John Hempfling,
You are Lovely.
(I knew it.)

Your Manga hair is
getting hotter with the

Non Stop is Baller!
Big Up

Dear Meghan Pergrem,
Is it okay to
wear socks with
sandals or stockings
w/ open toe shoes?
The Community

Starts at

8th week, be gone!

The play was great.
Thanks for consistently
enriching exposure.
It’s pretty dreamy.

You are
and beautiful.
Milwaukee or Bust!


Antioch is

If you make love
Like you run a meeting
I’m joining your committee.

I am constantly
humbled and inspired
by what y’all are doing 🙂

Ellen Borgersen:
We love you-

Heartbreaking ExCils-
Downward dogs-
Sunrise Potatoes-
You made my winter
and sweet-
But I know
Spring Will Be Even
Better. <3

Dear Meghan Pergrem,
Will you dress me
in the morning?
the community

You know
what I

I’m writing a song about you.
I hope you know it’s yours
when it’s done. I think you might.

Spring is coming.
Bob Devine is on the move.

Shouldn’t we just
rename it
“Relentless Liberal Arts Institute”

The best dialogue I’ve had
Since the last time we talked.
Can’t wait till next time.

John Hempfling,
Edited for new developments–
Let’s dance often
–and talk even more.

Dear Meghan Pergrem,
You’re still the
hottest girl in
your secret admirer

If you don’t,
Somebody else will.

Jonny No,
Thank you for
being selfless, for
supporting this
community seemlessly,
for being strong,
for being here!

Dress up and
Bikes and
Warmth await us.
Thanks for being
magic and daring.