Antioch is

If you make love
Like you run a meeting
I’m joining your committee.

I am constantly
humbled and inspired
by what y’all are doing 🙂

Ellen Borgersen:
We love you-

Heartbreaking ExCils-
Downward dogs-
Sunrise Potatoes-
You made my winter
and sweet-
But I know
Spring Will Be Even
Better. <3

Dear Meghan Pergrem,
Will you dress me
in the morning?
the community

You know
what I

I’m writing a song about you.
I hope you know it’s yours
when it’s done. I think you might.

Spring is coming.
Bob Devine is on the move.

Shouldn’t we just
rename it
“Relentless Liberal Arts Institute”

The best dialogue I’ve had
Since the last time we talked.
Can’t wait till next time.

John Hempfling,
Edited for new developments–
Let’s dance often
–and talk even more.

Dear Meghan Pergrem,
You’re still the
hottest girl in
your secret admirer

If you don’t,
Somebody else will.

Jonny No,
Thank you for
being selfless, for
supporting this
community seemlessly,
for being strong,
for being here!

Dress up and
Bikes and
Warmth await us.
Thanks for being
magic and daring.

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