Question of the Week

If any building on Antioch College campus was yours to manage (or neglect), which building would it be and what would you do with it?

jeanne kay

Jeanne Kay: I would transform Spalt into an internationally renowned medical center to study and extract the properties and virtues of toxic mold.


Tim Noble: Norment. I’d rebuild it. It was my favorite house.


Shea Witzo: I’m sure Toni and Tom’s Main Building pool party was a lot of fun. I’d probably do that with another building, like South. Wait…


Juliet Hansen:  North. I’d turn it into an indoor rainforest, and live in it of course!


Lincoln Alpern: The Library. I’d produce a blockbuster horror movie filmed in the basement.

2 thoughts on “Question of the Week”

  1. Actually South has been a pool before! Back in the late sixties or early seventies a group of partying students blocked up a shower door on an upper floor creating a pool. This lasted for a little while until the water eventually broke through the makeshift barrier and rushed through to the floors below. The building sat unusable for many years as a result and was finally refurbished only to be flooded again by the idiots in charge. Perhaps South is cursed?

  2. “Angry Alumni’s” story about the shower pool in South Hall is basically true. They folded towels into bricks to damn up the shower entrance, then shoved a couch in front of the dam to brace it. But it didn’t close the dorm – at least not for an extended period. It did a lot of minor damage (mostly to electrical fixtures on lower floors) and some students paid fines. J. D. Dawson told the story at a faculty talent night about 1963, and I know it happened before I arrived in 1961. South wasn’t mothballed until years later.

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