Introducing: Spring 2009 IGs and Community Centers

Queer Center


Coordinator: Nic Viox
The queer center is a group is open to anyone who self-identifies as a queer. I hope to have a few events this term, including [but not limited to]: movie screenings, a musical guest, and Genderfuck! More information will be forthcoming as events begin to take shape.

SANE (Students for Alternatives to Neoliberal Economics)


Coordinator: Jeanne Kay
What is neoliberalism? How does it operate on local, national, international levels? After the financial crisis, what can we do to help build a post neoliberal world? How does Nonstop fit into a larger struggle as a bastion against the corporatization of Higher Ed? Are Obama’s policies challenging or maintaining the neoliberal economic order? What should be the role of the international financial institutions post-Washington Consensus?
These are the questions that SANE will attempt to tackle this term, through discussion groups, fieldtrips, movie events, speakers, and hopefully, an AntiWatt radio show!

The Alternative Library

Jonny No katie-1 Rose Pelzl

Coordinators: Katie Connolly, Jonny No, and Rose Pelzl
We are here to support the academic realization of our community with the Alternative Library. The ‘Alt Lib’ is a unique and radical book collection comprised of harder-to-find alternative print media including periodicals, books, magazines and archived materials from main campus.
Recent donations have been added to augment the previous Pennell House collection including some incredible resources from faculty and personal collections. Other collections that are housed and managed in conjunction with the Alt Lib include the Womyn’s Center collection and the Underground Zine collection. In terms of integrating other IG collections salvaged from the Union much work remains undone, but we’ll be focusing on them later this year.

Over the course of this and subsequent terms Nonstop’s tech team will assist in cataloging and indexing the contents of the collection in the hopes of making digital resources available as well, and the Alternative Library coordinators are actively partnering with infoshops and other radical media organizations around the country in an effort to help establish a universally accessable digital incarnation of the zine library. For now, you’ll be able to check items in and out from Campus North.

So what can you do help? We’re glad you asked. A data entry system has been developed locally to aid in entering data to index the collections; so for now all media will be available during open hours on an honor-based system. When you check out materials, we would humbly ask that for each item you take home you take a few minutes and do the data entry to catalog another item. Training is available to help you learn to create the necessary records and enter the item into our database through a web browser at the internet kiosk computer on the pole in the Alt Lib. Ask a coordinator, Tim or Andrew for help with this and we’ll show you how.

Radical Crafting:


Coordinators: Shea Witzberger, Rose Pelzl
We are an open community group for artivists and craftivists. We want to foster resource and skill sharing and provide a place to activate craft as empowerment, community building, and beauty makin’. We are collecting materials for community use and hope to facilitate both workshops and larger community wide projects this spring. Please contact us about your interests in learning, teaching, or participating in ANY workshops, including skill shares on sewing, screening, deconstructing, patching, tayloring, knitting, or dyeing that will lead up to an end of the term D.I.Y. AntiFashion Show! We are here to support you. Let us know what you want to see, and look out for event postings!

Inter-faith Dialog


Coordinator: Jessie Clark
We will be engaging in intriguing discussions about spirituality, religion and all the juicy bits in between. The discussions will take place over tea at the Dharma Center every other Sunday at 1 o’clock. If you have ever pondered the meaning of life or have a general interest in the theories of others come join us!
The focus will be on exchange and mutual discussion, sharing religious woes and oohs (epiphanies), what bothers us and what is helpful to us in thinking about the spiritual life (need there be such a thing?). We are interested to hear what you think about these hot topics. Atheists & religious misfits also welcome. For more information e-mail me at Hope to see you there!

Antiochian Values

Eva Erickson

Coordinator: Eva Erickson
the meetings will discuss all of our shared values and agreements, and our culture. Why do we have these values? What is great about them? What needs improvement? How can we make sure that our practices and culture reflect/match our values? How can we extend these values beyond our community? How can we make sure that these values are kept within Nonstop and Antioch regardless of the uncertain future?
The purpose of Antiochian Values meetings is not to create/revise laws, policies etc. but rather to create ongoing dialogue about who we are and what we stand for and WHY it’s important. Through questioning, we (re)discover the love, purpose, and basic being of Antioch and Nonstop, for when we question, we cease to take things for granted and remember why we’re all here.
Everyone is welcome to attend.