So what year and major are you?
I’m a fourth year and I’m going to get my BS in physics.

What are you doing for your senior project?
I’m designing a circuit that relates to resistance to temperature.  It’s kind of abstract right now because I haven’t really done anything on it. So I guess when that day comes that I have to present it is when I will know what my senior project is.  Until then there’s not much I can say on it.

Yea there’s a lot of people who are stressed out about their SP. People don’t seem to know what they’re doing.
I mean the school is closing and that puts such a burden on all of my academics. It just freaks me out.  What are you thinking about doing once you leave after this term?
I have no idea.  When I was here as a third year I wanted to double major and take a fifth year.  I chose physics after I heard the school was going to close, more for security reasons then anything else.  But the doors that are open to me are: I could go home and start paying off this school or I could take the GRE and go to grad school for more science, which is something that I need to chill on because it’s just draining my soul.  Or I could move and live with somebody anywhere around the country.  At this point I really don’t know and it’s really freaking me out. You know what I mean? I almost don’t even feel like I’m graduating.  Where do you go from here?
How are you feeling about the state of the college, especially with everything that has gone on here in the past week?
It’s just really emotionally draining.  I’m one of the lucky ones who is going to graduate, but to watch all my friends get totally screwed just makes me want to cry.  It’s hard to think about man.  Also if there isn’t any Antioch to come back to in the future then what’s going to be our hub now? What’s going to happen if this type of place doesn’t exist for people?
What are some things that you noticed have changed since you have been here?
Something that comes to mind is that when I first started here there was something called graffiti council or GRAf Cil. There was no problem with painting up in the dance space or tagging stuff. It’s not right to tag stuff in main building, but it was never really a problem.  So that’s a big thing I think changed.  Also a lot less people is another big one.
So tell me what kind of advice would you have for younger students?
Well with the situation as it is, I personally feel very disempowered as I think a lot of people do.  But I feel like at this stage in the game I really don’t have much advice for younger students.  I really just hope that we can go out with a bang because that’s really where our memories will lie and just try to have some good times during this really critical stage in the schools history.  That’s just what I would like to see out of everybody, not just younger students.  Everyone is kind of in the same boat just by being in this weird position.
But I feel very lucky to be here for four years and to have this full student Antioch experience.  I really don’t have a lot of hope for the school staying open, at least for next year.  I really feel for the folks that aren’t graduating.
What are some things that you are hopeful for in these last two months that we have here?
There are a lot of things that I hope for.  There are a lot of people here that really need this place and could use their experience here to do some good in this world.  I would just like to see our community have some fun and mingle a little bit more.  I really think things are going to be crazy once senior deadline hits.  It’s going to be raging man, brutal!