Interview with Angie Glukhov, Director of Admissions and Transfer Services

Angie Glukhov, Director of Admissions and Transfer ServicesI recently got the glamorous Angie Glukhov to take a break from her rock and roll lifestyle as the Director of Admissions and Transfer Services to sit down with me and answer a few questions about the future of Admissions, and the present of the Office of Transition (conveniently located on the right as one enters Main Building).

So, tell me a little about the creation and function of the Office of Transition

When the decision to suspend operations was announced this summer, we knew immediately that there would be students who needed to find other options. For those students who felt it was in their best interest to take opportunities elsewhere, we tried to lessen the burden of research by contacting other colleges and gathering information so they don’t have to. We can broker transfer credits, call registrars, that sort of thing so students can focus on this not only being the best year possible, but the best year ever at Antioch.

Regarding the future of Admissions, one of the biggest catch-22s that has come to light is the need to recruit students and the simultaneous inability to do so. What can you tell me about this?

Antioch College is a member of the National Associate of College Admissions Counseling, or NACAC. NACAC is the governing board of the college admissions profession, and it’s basically the place we go for best practices in Admissions. To become a NACAC member, you assert that you believe in the potential and dignity of every human being and that the well-being of students comes first. NACAC is also the keeper of what we call the Statement of Principles of Good Practice, or the SPGP. The SGPG is the code of ethics all members of NACAC are bound to. And foremost one must be honest and forthright, which means recruiting students for an entity that exists. It is unethical to recruit students for a college that officially will not be operational, whether we believe it will be operational or not.

But you have begun preparations for when the decision is reversed?

Absolutely. Right now, my envisioned position is focusing on making sure communication needs are met for students and high schools inquiring about Antioch. I also have a parallel track of altering our 2008 marketing plan in conjunction with the alumni board, the Board of Trustees, and the administrators which will be put into place immediately upon hearing otherwise about the suspension. I have been working with several alumni board members who are admissions professionals, particularly Kristen Pett who is leading the Alumni Board Admissions efforts. Additionally, a great many student and faculty volunteers have come forward to say ‘I have ideas, I have time, and I’m interested to help’. So as soon as we have the decision, we’ll be able to mobilize these volunteers in meaningful ways.

What can we expect for the next few weeks from the Office of Transition?

Right now I’m working on the transfer fair, which is so exciting because many of my friends from my ten years working in admissions will be coming together on campus. Everyone is very devastated by what’s happening, and the point of their coming is to help support students and make this easier, not to steal students away. These colleges are friends of Antioch, they understand Antioch students and value their experiences, and they’re coming to campus to help ease the burden of decision making

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