Bookstore in Danger of Reduced Hours

Over the past several years the Antioch College bookstore’s revenue has mirrored the steadily decreasing enrolment. Once most Antioch students have bought their books and supplies for class at the bookstore many seldom return until next term. Antioch McGregor has been becoming a more constant source of sales for the bookstore, however even with this source of income the bookstore would sometimes only make 25 dollars in a day. At the rate business has been going the bookstore’s operations may have been switched to an online store, which is common at smaller schools that can not support a campus store.

With plans of building a new separate campus to the west of Yellow Springs, McGregor was faced with fi nding a store which could supply its new campus with the books and tools necessary for classes. McGregor had originally considered having a corporation like Barnes and Noble run the new bookstore. Since the Antioch book store is accustomed to dealing with the needs of McGregor students it was decided a new Antioch College bookstore would be opened on the McGregor West campus instead of a franchise. Milt Thompson, Vice President of Student Affairs and Auxiliary Ressources at the College declared: “If McGregor had taken their business some place else, Steve Lawry, the operations folks and I would have had to consider closing the bookstore down, and going to an online service. I don’t think our community would be in favor of that.”

Even though the new Antioch College book store would be located on the McGregor West Campus it would still be owned by Antioch College and all revenue would return to the college. Likewise, the new bookstore would also pay rent to McGregor for the space used. McGregor and Antioch College products will still be available at both book stores to provide convenience for all students.

On February 27th 2007 Steve Lawry announced that 20 positions throughout the college would be eliminated. Among these 20 was one of the two bookstore employees. Currently one person is running the Antioch bookstore, and trying to open the new store at McGregor once fi nal inspections are passed for the new building. Once the new bookstore is open there will only be one person running both stores. Both McGregor and Antioch College are hopeful that FWSP and IWS students will step up to work in the bookstores, increasing the number of hours for both of them.

When Dave Cook, manager of the Antioch College bookstore, and now of the New McGregor West bookstore, was asked what he was looking for in employees he said that he needed devoted, responsible students and that experience handling money would not hurt. Dave Cook also guaranteed that there would be ample hours available, due to the fact that there are now two understaffed book stores.

The success of the new bookstore is not guaranteed. If Antioch College closes, so will the bookstore and McGregor will buy its remaining products. If the new bookstore at McGregor does not make a profi t or does not suit the needs of McGregor West it could also face closure. Milt Thompson seemed hopeful for the new store’s success, and even had plans for Antioch College bookstores at all Antioch University campuses allowing larger