Nookie with Niko

picture-4.pngThis is the last issue of fall term, which means in less than a month I’ll be back at Antioch. I’m very excited to see all my Antioch friends and all the new first years. I hope your first term was wonderful. I’m sure next term brings many surprises and great parties. Let’s hope for a great spring term.

Today I’m coming out. Now I’m sure you are wondering what I, Niko, could possibly be coming out about this time. I’ve come out as so many different things like being queer, trans, and kinky. Now I’ve talked about this topic before, but not from a personal place. I’m not planning on telling my family for a long time, but I think my Antioch community will be supportive. I’m a sex worker and have been for almost a year now. Sex work is a broad term, for me I fall into the porn performer category. Let me tell you about how it all started.

I was in San Francisco, home of the queer and kinky, working and living with my partner Mimi. We started talking about wanting to shoot porn together, but not just any type of porn. We wanted to shoot queer and trans positive porn, porn that appreciated both of our genders and bodies. We wanted to make porn that would make other queer folk hot. This type of porn barely exists, but lately it’s on a rise. Through some good luck we met Boots, one of the creators of Red Handed Porn ( Red handed does all solo masturbation scenes with all different types of people. We talked some more, with them and each other, and then mustered up the courage to call them and set up a time to shoot.

The people from Red Handed were great. They were all friendly and supportive. There were three of them, each armed with a camera. Well, actually two of them had video cameras and one was going to take still photos. They laid down their signature red sheet on our bed (they prefer to shoot in people’s own homes) and asked “who’s first?” Mimi and I looked at each other, nervous and excited, and I finally said “I’ll go.” Ever tried to get off with four people, three cameras, and hot, hot, hot lights in the room? Let me tell you it was a challenge, though a year later I can say I have no problem getting off on film.

First, there was a quick interview about me, my gender, my sexuality, and how I like to get off. Then I was to take my clothes off and get at it. As I was taking my clothing off all I could think about was “I hope I can cum. Oh please let me be able to cum.” I lay down on the bed, tried to get comfortable, took a deep breath, and grabbed my vibrator. I figured the sooner I was into it the easier it would be for me to “end” it. I had a hard time not being distracted by the cameras, my girlfriend, and the people in the room I had just met about 20 minuets ago. Finally I started getting into it. I started thinking how hot it is to be surrounded by people who are there solely for the reason to watch you get off. I began breathing heavier and grabbed my favorite butt plug. I knew I would need all the focus I could get and there is nothing like a butt plug to focus me.

I lubed up and slipped that butt plug into my ass. Now I was ready, ready to cum for my audience. Mimi kept giving me cute smiles of encouragement, which caused me to blush a bit each time. I then tensed up and made more noise. Everyone in the room knew I was about to cum. A video camera was pointed at my face, the other at my boy cunt, as I rubbed myself harder and harder with my vibrator until I came nice and hard. A sense of warm, orgasmic relief washed over me. There were smiles all around, mine being the biggest of all.

This shoot was liberating….

Mimi was up next. Needless to say she came like a champ.

This was our first porn experience and is only the beginning. Next term I plan to delight your senses with tales of my lustful adventures. From BDSM, to porn, to group sex, I plan to titillate you from beginning to end.