From The Editors

Luke BrennanDear Community,

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the chance to serve as the content editor of our newspaper. While The Record has had some ups and downs this term, I hope that I have represented you faithfully and provided you with a quality publication. To those graduating this term, you will be missed, and I wish you all the best of luck in your future. As for the rest of you, I’ll see you next term, and I hope you have a great break. And don’t forget to observe the solstice on the 22nd, I think it’s a good omen that Horus is to be born anew the day we leave this place. Next term will be brighter and better, or so I hope.

Goodnight and Good Luck,


Foster Neill

Dear Commnuity,

This is the last issue of the Record for the Fall of 2006 and the last issue for me as your layout editor. Earlier today I asked myself whether or not I could keep doing the job if the contract were for a year. “Yes,” I thought to myself, and then, “I am glad this is over.” We’ve had our expected ups and downs, maybe a few unexpected ones as well, but we’ve also made it to the end of the term.

I want to tell everyone that due to Livermore Street’s inability to process submissions, we are holding off with printing until the end of Spring 2007. We hope to have an increased budget as well as to print a longer, higher quality magazine. Those interested in receiving a copy who will be gone in the spring are encouraged to email Livermore Street via our first class account. Currently, the mailbox is full, but we are working on creating space. Thanks to all who submitted.

This being the last issue, I can’t help but to reflect on my work. I’ve been looking through some of our past issues and been impressed and depressed with what I see. I know that I can do a better job than I have done, but I also believe that I have done a good job. I would say that I would like to continue with this type of work and I thank the community for allowing me such an opportunity.

One thing still bothers me though and that is the status of the Record both online and next term. The few days the Record was online were good days. The excitement Luke and I felt from the community was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. All of a sudden the community grew, broke outside our stupid bubble, ebbed and flowed, flew, alumnus mixing with the campus, voices as diverse as the birds. We need the Record online and I look forward to the day that it happens again, for good. What Luke and I leave behind for the future editors shouldn’t be a sinking boat or couch, chair and movie poster. The support for the Record comes from the community, whether it be in the form of funding, online operations or the creation of content. I have faith in many of my student peers and in much of the faculty and staff that they do both what they think is right and what they can. Luke and I have tried to find common ground with the administration. I can only hope that what divisions exist are but cracks in which seeds might fall to inevitable flourishing.

Yours truly,
Foster Neill
Layout Editor