Hail the Green Revolution

  On Sept. 20-22 in downtown San Francisco, 10,000 people attended what prominent environmentalists believe is the next industrial revolution: the green movement. Geared towards architects and contractors, West Coast Green is an annual three days of lectures and presentations, showcasing the latest green technologies and ideas.

‘Green’ is a catch-all phrase including concepts like sustainability, permaculture and carbon-neutrality, along with many ‘no-brainer’ insights like not using formaldehyde in kitchen cabinets, or painting your children’s bedroom with toxic paints containing VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).

The conference brimmed with optimism for the future. Though many of the speakers would not skimp on the foreboding and imminent doom anecdotes, they sensed that things were moving their way. With new technologies taking the ‘green premium’ down to earth, and a consumer frenzy for anything labeled organic or earth-friendly – a 230 billion dollar business- they may be on to something.

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International Bulletin

Chavez Tells US “gringos” to “go to hell!”

During his weekly television show, fi rebrand Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez vocally lambasted the United States government. Recent US State Department remarks criticize proposed legislation giving Chavez widespread powers to pass laws by decree. Chavez responded, “Go to Hell, Gringos! Go Home!” hinting at the wider issue of US interference with Venezuelan politics. Continue reading International Bulletin