We Have Your Back

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A Message from Supporters of Community Governance

For every generation of Antiochians there comes a defining moment – a moment to stand up for our shared values and to use our strength in the service of our vision. Continue reading We Have Your Back

Collaboration Kitchen

Shea Witzberger on behalf of Creation, Collaboration, and Performance.
There is so much inspiring creation and collaboration happening on campus this term, and even if individually we aren’t yet in a primarily participatory role, each of us could learn a lot from what’s happening here on the ground. There is a group that is forming as part of a class, part of a grant, and part of a larger project that wants to listen and to collaborate and create with and within this community.
Under the theater department and with a grant from the Ohio Arts Council, the Creation, Collaboration, and Performance class was created to collaborate with the Yellow Springs/Antioch Community in creating work that addresses the current situation at Antioch College and the intersecting concerns of the Village and the College. This is a continuation of the Listening Project that was created last year. The base of the work will be listening, and unlike some community action theater, we are attempting to break the notion of coming from above to create art about You, whoever You may be. We are each a part of this community, and want to be engaged in the process of listening, collaborating, and acting to Save Antioch as a participatory force from this community.
The Creation, Collaboration, and Performance class has many partnerships in the works already. Migiwa Orimo, local mixed-media artist and Yellow Springs resident, will become an Artist in Residence in October. In addition to her help, we are working with Don Wallis from Yellow Springs, Beth Holyoke of the Yellow Springs Arts Council, Jill Becker from our own Dance Department, Chris Hill in Communications, CG, The Record, and several other groups and persons.
We will be cooking up a lot of great projects, events, and ideas, but we want it to be appetizing and satisfying for this community. We need to know what you like and what you are allergic to, so to speak. We hope to be a sounding board. We hope that our listening will become fuel for more talking. We hope to break out of spectator-vs.-performer theater and contribute artistically to events and activities on and off campus in an open, collaborative way. We hope to continue to strengthen connections between students of the College and villagers of Yellow Springs.
After this introductory article, each week’s Collaborate article will focus on ideas and events happening here. Stay tuned for more information, events, and musings.