Katie- your compost is HOT.

John Hempfling-
I wouldn’t mind kissing you-
one of these days-

Tim Noble,
You are solid gold laser talent.

feminism starts at home.
do your chores. (literally)

The CMs
are holding
this community
Thank you

Susan D-
If you’re reading this, you know
I’m thinking about you 😉
Will you be my
radical valentine?

It’s like that dangerous voltage
meeting those helium balloons.
Love explosion.

You are a wizard,
Jonny No.

I <3 Nonsters!

ACAN showdown was
pretty cool-
thanks for that!

tie-dye + fractals =
you are my electric girl/
mint chocolate mouth X
daisies and little princes = <3(squared)

I want to get in
on your activist action

boots and shorts
dot com
back slash
please be mister february