Editorials – Jan. 26, 2007

To My Beloved Community,

Here at The Antioch Record we have all
worked through sleepless nights and blurry
days to produce an assortment of articles that
will hopefully encompass the values, concerns
and spirit of the community. But, to make this
truly a COMMUNITY publication we are in
need of input for the entire community (this
means you staff and faculty). There are a lot of
tough issues we are trying to sort out with sour
or minimal conversation between different
sections of campus. I propose that we utilize
The Record to voice our thoughts and opinions
in a transparent, positive forum to work towards
fi nding a middle ground. In order to have the
ideal Antioch Community we always speak
of, we must fi rst start acting like a community
in general, which means equal participation.
Seriously, do we all enjoy running around
being angry with each other all the time? I
hope not. If we cannot speak constructively of
these confl icts then we surly cannot solve them.
Lets all talk, learn from each other, and save
Antioch for the love of god!

Love & Respect,
Kari Thompson
Content Editor
Spring 2007

Yo, what up shadows? Fuck hats.
Fuck Hats

David Bishkoff
Layout Editor
Spring 2007