ComCil Spill

By Madeline Helser

Suggestions for motions for naptime, a discussion of C.M.s in the summer and working with the new curriculum, talks of the “skeletal crew of people here in the summer” by Bob Devine and the long-term guest policy, are what constituted last Thursday afternoon’s second to last ComCil meeting of this term.

The meeting got off to a slow start, most members being of dreary state, so Chelsea Martens suggested making a motion to have naptime. Unfortunately, it was shut down.

One thing on the agenda was a proposal about Community Government in the new curriculum. This was brought about because “the new student-less summers in the new curriculum present an opportunity to re-center CG on its core mission of providing communication and leadership to the whole of the community, not solely students.”

The four points made in the proposal are as follows: to extend CG’s time in office to the end of May in order to increase the transition time between the new and old CG which would start May of 2007, for CG to assume full responsibility for the planning and implementation of the Fall new student orientation which started last summer according to the survival guide, for CG to assume co-responsibility for co-coordinating pre-orientation programs such as MAKE IT, Bonner, etc. with the existing departments, and for CG to organize orientation sessions for new employees.

The long-term guest policy is about people who the college hosts in the summer. This is to go to Community Meeting for the whole community to discuss. In order to ensure your input in this issue about who gets to stay and doesn’t when we host conventions and such, be at next Tuesday’s community meeting at 3 o’clock!

The open-session of the meeting then promptly ended, marking what Kelsey MacDonald remarked, “felt like the shortest ComCil meeting ever!”