From The Editors

20061020-luke.jpgDear Community,

First, I need to apologize for being AWOL on community day, I would have loved to spend the day with you all, but the whirlwind of Black and Tan (which culminated in a postdawn trip to Kroger to purchase doughnuts for the Queer Center’s Black and Tan Recovery) really tuckered me out, and I barely made it out of bed before dark.

This week has been pretty stressful for me. I continue to struggle to credit my spring ’06 co-op (Organic farming, as it turns out, is for hippies.) Also, because of my general malaise, I did not make the deadline for turning in my time slips, and so am fast approaching broke. Unpaid speeding tickets have the state of Pennsylvania threatening to revoke my driving privileges unless I pay them $140 within the week, which because of the time-slip business, I may not be able to do. I’m scheming about possibly running to a DMV tomorrow to get an Ohio license in hopes that the trouble will disappear. I should do laundry, my room’s a mess, and somebody stole my beloved cactus from the living room of Unit 1.

There are a couple things I’m pretty pleased with though, one of them being this very fine issue of the Record that you’re holding. Our talented staff really knocked it out of the park with this one; I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. The community day pictures make us look especially wholesome, and I like that. I’m also gauging my ears. After losing some of my gaudy bling on the floor of Peach’s Bar and Grille, I decided it was time for a change. What I’m most pleased with though, is my community of vibrant, beautiful people that has shaped my character in a very profound way. I can say very surely I am a better person now than when I entered almost two years ago. My politics have changed, my understanding of our world has changed, and although our school doesn’t have state-ofthe- art facilities, a prostudent administration, a wide range of course offerings, a night-life to speak of, or a smoking tolerant dorm, at least we have each other.

And you all amaze me every day.


20061020-foster.jpgDear Community,

Wonderful active people, please continue in your diligent efforts to bring about the change you yearn to see. Today at the Record, we have worked very hard into the morning to bring you this paper. I think that our dedication to the Record, as Community Day exemplified, is uniquely typical of this community. Of course, there is no end to the struggles we wrestle with and we cannot let down our guard, but a strong community of such workers as ourselves also plays hard. In that vein, hats off to Events Manager Melody and everyone who worked to put Black & Tan together.

Everyone get ready, this is the end of seventh week, which for those of us who have been here more than a couple of months know, means Eighth Week Crisis is right around the corner. Don’t let your guard up folks, not for one minute. Things are about to come crashing down on us, but our routine workout, if we have been good (which I think we all are ) will help us carry the load. Yes, we are pack animals of sorts, able to lift weighty burdens and carry them across the desert of academia.

I’m sorry. It’s 7:30 AM. This is, as usual the last thing left to do before we send out the paper. 7:30 AM means we have a half hour to get the PDFs to the printer. Not much time left. This is burden gets heavier. So, take a lesson for us in Main basement – Don’t procrastinate.

I swear, next week I will get to reviewing the Antioch Review.

Enjoy the paper.

Foster Neill

Layout Editor