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In this Issue:

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Uncertainty, for a change: Nonstop in Limbo

ProTem Board Member of the Week: Atis Folkmanis

Nonsters Return: Students Ready for Round Two

Campus North Opens at Millworks

Newsbriefs from Yellow Springs: The Future of CRF, Risa Grimes on Fundraising, and ProTem Board to visit Nonstop

Meet Your New Cil Representatives

Art and Culture in Mali: “It was Glorious”: an interview with Shea Witzberger

Letter to the Editor

Some Notes on The Reader

Question of the Week

Question of the Week

By Shea Witzo
If you were snowed in indefinitely at a community meeting at Campus North, who would you eat first and why?

Lincoln Alpern
I would eat whoever died first, which would be me because I’m a wimp.


Stacy Wood Burgess
I’d eat Lauren Soldano. She’s all natural.


Molly Thornton-
I’m not sure, but I know I’d be eaten first. I’m lean yet fatty. I’m the perfect meat.


Kelly Ahrens-
Hassan. No reason.


Detective Derrick “Boots and Shorts” Lane-
I would never eat anyone. I’d dig myself out. [makes fist] No storm will hold me in!


Julia  Rodner-
I don’t go to community meeting…


Shea Witzo
I tried to think of a Nonster, but they are all too kind, intelligent, or bony.