Question of the Week

By Shea Witzo
If you were snowed in indefinitely at a community meeting at Campus North, who would you eat first and why?

Lincoln Alpern
I would eat whoever died first, which would be me because I’m a wimp.


Stacy Wood Burgess
I’d eat Lauren Soldano. She’s all natural.


Molly Thornton-
I’m not sure, but I know I’d be eaten first. I’m lean yet fatty. I’m the perfect meat.


Kelly Ahrens-
Hassan. No reason.


Detective Derrick “Boots and Shorts” Lane-
I would never eat anyone. I’d dig myself out. [makes fist] No storm will hold me in!


Julia  Rodner-
I don’t go to community meeting…


Shea Witzo
I tried to think of a Nonster, but they are all too kind, intelligent, or bony.

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