Senior Profile: Gabriella Ruiz

By: Erin-Aja Grant

What are you studying? What are you getting your Degree in?
I am studying linguistics. Just a Bachelor of Arts in linguistics.

What has kept you here this year to finish out at Antioch?
Specifically, the fact that I was almost done. Um, I need to finish because I have to take care of my parents when I am done here.

What has been the thing changed the most for you since you personally have been here, from your first year to now being a fourth year?
My assertiveness, I think before, when I first got here I wasn’t a very assertive person and I didn’t really voice my opinion, because when I was growing up that wasn’t what we did. You were seen and not heard. I’ve gone through my time here and pretty much developed a voice for myself, and been able to articulate how I really feel.

What are you going to credit Antioch with as an alumnus?
Giving me a really well rounded social education and the ability to be passionate about what I believe in.

What do you think that you are going to miss the most once you leave Antioch?
(Laughing) Umm… A place to stay. In addition to that, a very close knit network of people who are inspiring to me.

What would you say is the funniest thing that you have seen while you have been here at Antioch?
The funniest thing I saw was my friend rip off the person that he was seeing wig and pushed him out of his room and made him walk home in his socks.

If there is anything that you could offer to students that would be starting here next fall if everything is okay, what would be your advice?
Uh get as many of your general education requirements done…No, I take that back. Get as many of your major requirements done the first two years because you never know if your department is going to close. Um and balance your social and academic life, like find a really good balance for it.

Anything else you want to add?
I am one of the very few linguistic majors that are going to graduate from this institution, and I take full pride in that… I love Andrzej Bloch.

When he is wearing the beret?
Specifically when he is wearing the beret.