From the Editors – Bryan Utley

I am writing this editorial as a gay man. Before I came to Antioch I worked in politics after my graduation in 2002 from Malcolm Shabazz City High School. At Malcolm Shabazz I had many friends. Most of them loved politics. We all ended up becoming political science majors at Oberlina, Antioch and Hampshire, and Beloit College. My best friends were Timothy Benton, Joy Spear, Sol Kelley Jones, and Mark Rasmussen. I learned tonight that one of my close friends has past away. Timothy Benton died of an overdose of oxy cotton earlier this week. Tim was a fourth year at Beloit College. I remember how wonderful my time with Tim was he was one of the smartest people I knew but he was always depressed because being a bigger gay man in this society, as we all know sucks. He had body image issues that dogged him throughout his whole life. Tim was a beautiful person, smart, funny, and charismatic. Even though he was younger than me he taught me a lot about life. I was an asshole before I met Tim. He sat me down with that voice of his and taught me humility. He taught me that there always was another side to issues. I feel guilty because I could have been there for him but I wasn’t. I imagine him now as I write that he would be laughing that so much energy is going into his death. He would have made somebody extremely happy I am just sad that I didn’t get to say goodbye. Life is tough but you take it in stride. Tim I love you god speed Buddy.
I dedicate this to you Timothy Benton
Your friend
Bryan Utley

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