Collective Withdraws

By Erin-Aja Grant

The CG race that has been brewing for 2 months is at a standstill. The posters are the first clue. Looking around, only one collective welcomed the community back from break. Only one collective seemed to be actively running. This was a subtle hint, but now it is official. The “Not Business as Usual” collective of Julian Sharp, Sarah Buckingham, Micah Canal, and Nicole Bayani surprised the community today by withdrawing their candidacy (see ‘letter’). While citing that they are moving on, the collective sent its warmest regards to the new CG in resignation. The current CG, the community, and the other collective are receiving this information at the exact same time. There will be no business, they have stepped down, through a letter to the community in Antioch’s best, The Record.

The collective that is left standing is known as the “Fab Four”. As of now, no matter how the votes are cast, the new CG will be Fela Pierre-Louis, Meghan Pergram, Niko Kowell, and Jamila Hunter. This election process has been tumultuous at best. With the closing of the school looming over all the CG candidates’ heads, a fight for the fourth position, and just plain old drama, many are still left with questions. What does the LEG code say about this? How will there be a race with no competition? Unfortunately the LEG Code doesn’t say much, but the race will continue although there is no one left to contest it. For one, the work has just begun for the new CG. Antioch now has a concrete CG, with time to set up a game plan. That means the “Fab Four” will have to show what they are made of and step up to create real change. While Julian, Sarah, Micah, and Nicole are pursuing other ventures in life, the “Fab Four” are going to need to hit the ground running.