The December 8, 2007 Record (recordonline.org) reports that Lynda Sirk used the computer of another college employee in her absence to remove the Common Application from Antioch College’s admissions website and alter the admissions webpage under that employee’s name. This clearly violates Antioch College computer policy. As members of the Antioch College Alumni Association Board, we express outrage at this unethical act that seems designed to undermine progress toward revitalizing the College. We demand that University leadership offer Antioch College faculty, students, and alumni a full explanation and take immediate steps to rectify harm that this has caused.

  • Susan Opotow
  • Terry Blackhawk
  • Don Wallace
  • Sheila Richmond
  • Tim Eubanks
  • Michael Heffernan
  • Gary Houseknecht
  • Ellen Borgersen
  • John Dawson
  • Ed Goldson
  • Tendaji Ganges
  • Martin Fried
  • Joe Foley
  • Kristen Pett
  • Christian Feuerstein
  • Dave Thelen
  • Tim Klass