Dude, Where’s My Application?

By Jeanne Kay and Kim-Jenna Jurriaans

Prospective transfer students browsing the Antioch College website this weekend in search of the Common Application will be disappointed. As of yesterday, the form has disappeared from the Admissions site, which now only shows a link to the readmission application and financial aid information. The removal of the material was done without consultation of the current Director of Financial Aid and new head of Admissions, Robin Heise, who was presented with a fait accompli when she opened the online admissions section in the early afternoon on Friday.
Heise was on her lunch break when she was called by one of her fellow financial aid officers who informed her that Director of Communications and Public Relations, Lynda Sirk, had just walked into her office and used her computer. When Heise returned to her workplace, the Common Application had disappeared from the college website and alterations to the admissions part of the site had been made under her name.

Suggestions made by Sirk that the move to pull down the Common Ap followed instructions from Art Zucker and Toni Murdoch in consultation with the University lawyers leave open the question why the changes were made from Heise’s computer. Sirk, under her own web account, would have full access to the sections of the site that were modified.

Further investigation into the motives to pull down content off the site amidst current negotiations between Antioch University and major donors to the college, and whether University officials authorized the action, is expected to take place after this weekend