“You’re Doing It Wrong” – Letter from Ryan Boasi, 4th year student

To my fellow students,

Since the BoT decided to suspend the operation of the college this June, dedicated alumni, faculty, staff and students have been abuzz with activity and positive energy in an effort to do everything possible to save our home. Their efforts to protect the things they love here in Antioch have been historic, and evoke in me a sense of pride and distinction that no Ivy League education could hope to offer.

   In the last week, however, I have heard so many talk and act as though they have contributed to the lifting of the suspension, when all they’ve really done is pat each other on the back and “be there”.

Being an Antiochian is more than just living at Antioch and paying tuition. It doesn’t mean just standing up for the things you believe in. It means dying a little bit for your ideals and not just actualizing yourself, but also achieving your goals, whatever they may be. A certain portion of the alumni, the faculty, the staff, and a very small portion of the student population did just that in raising funds, drafting a business plan, and raising awareness.

“Just being here” is not productive and does not qualify you as a contributor to anything except to your own education or personal growth. “Coming together” and “making the effort” are empty platitudes if they are not followed up with action and results. To those who have done something: keep fighting. To the rest, step up. Join phoneathon. Volunteer your free time in the caf or physical plant.

It’s either that or stop talking trash about other people’s hard work.
Ryan Boasi, 4th year student