Letter from Tess Lindsay

Dearest Antioch Family,

I have been at our Ecoleague exchange school this term in Vermont.
After my last 3 weeks of school here I have come to the 100% feeling that Antioch must stay open.
After being at a “real” college with “real” grades and classrooms with real desks in rows I have developed a much deeper appreciation and love for Antioch.
These years, the college years, are an extremely precious experience. There are so many people our age wasting this time away and learning little about themselves and just becoming new gears in the system.
I hadn’t realized until this moment how mature, anayltical, loving, self advocating, intricate and compassionate for learning Antioch has helped me become. I have become me at Antioch and when I graduate I will be so proud every time I say that my alma mater is Antioch College.
Not only on a academic and personal level have I felt the differences, but also at a community level. No community can compare to that of Antioch college.
I am completly mindblown how diverse, loving, smart, and competent our student body is. Anyone who is telling us (or has ever told us) we are toxic or lazy is wrong.
You are a part of something huge. We have all worked so hard, and if we continue to keep our hearts open and alive we will save Antioch College. That is gigantic.
It’s hard to keep the passion alive, and I know we are tired, but hold onto your hearts.
I miss you all,  see you at community day
Tons of love,
~Tess Lindsay