Antioch Fun Fact of the Week

Stephen Jay Gould as he appeared on the Simpsons in 1997The only known Antiochian to appear in an episode of The Simpsons was the late great Dr. Stephen Jay Gould (class of 1963). In “Lisa the Skeptic” (1997) Gould plays himself. As America’s premiere paleontologist, Lisa Simpson calls on him to analyze the fossilized bones of what appears to be an angel discovered at the Springfield Mall construction site. He says he’ll have the results tomorrow, and when told there isn’t much money in it, Gould replies: “I didn’t become a scientist for financial gain. Whatever little money you have will be just fine.”
Later, when he rushes up to the Simpson home with the supposedly earth shattering results, he admits they were “inconclusive.” When Lisa exclaims “Inconclusive?! Then why did you run up like that?!” Out of breath, Gould asks with some embarrassment: “Can I use your bathroom?”