Greening Committee

On this Sunday, Antioch mugs were given to Students for free in the Caf, as one attempt to review college environmentalism. “Ten thousand paper cups are wasted in vain per month. We must not throw away them any more,” said Jake Stockwell, a member of the Campus Greening Committee. “If most students use this mug, it will prevent many paper cups from being wasted.”
The Campus Greening Committee has meetings which take place in Antioch Inn behind the Caf from 12:15 pm to 1:00 pm on every Wednesday. The committee consists mostly of students who attempt to keep Antioch College clean. Of course, anyone who is interested in environmental problems or wishes to join the activities can participate in the meetings.
The community is elaborating various projects for this term. First, they are revitalizing campus recycling with a new recycling coordination system. Next, they are increasing environmental awareness on campus. Third, they are examining Sontag Fels Building. The Campus Greening Committee places notices in our dooms and halls, which urge people to turn off lights and conserve energy in our dooms and halls.
“First, please come to the meeting of the Campus Greening Committee in order to know how to protect our environment. Also please contribute to our campus by putting rubbish into garbage cans and picking up trash on the ground. “ Jake said. “The most important thing is more an accumulation of effects to keep our environment clean than a particular action.”