Street Fair was Fair

by Charles Arthur

How about a little Street Fair talk? What can I say? We’ve done it again. First of all, I’d like to thank Foster for participating in the B-Boy/ African Drum and Rhythm workshop. I would also like to thank Private Pile and Cory for playing as well. Next, I’d like to thank the dancers that took time and energy to fulfill the workshop. Last, I’d like to thank you, the people, and the kids especially, for attending. The weather was fair. People were walking up and down Xenia Avenue and Cory Street. Vendors did their best to increase sales. Good food spread all around downtown Yellow Springs. These are my thoughts as I arrived carrying two drums and a book. My phone rang like crazy up until 3:30pm. Had I known that we were going to have children doing cartwheels and handstands, perhaps I would have requested to start at an earlier time. But whatever.

Now, in order to build a civilization, there are several things that need to be addressed.

1.) Do I have the tools? (Meaning knowledge)
2.) Do I have the numbers? (The people)
3.) Do I have the health?
4.) Do I have the capital?

Stay with me. The civilization symbolizes a nation of educated students embarking on better ways to entertain, educate, evolve, and preserve community.

I have dedicated my life for such moments as these. We were in front of the bank, surrounded by crowds off people that were educated on our culture. Some people had no idea such cultures existed.

To prove a point, it was the children that could dance as if no one was looking. It was the children that were innocent. It’s the children’s innocence we live preserve. It’s not money’s capital we need the most, it’s the spirit’s capital. It’s the spirit of togetherness before anything else. The people are the numbers we need internationally to merge like we do at Street Fairs, Black and Tans, C-Shops, Malls, name it.

Let’s continue to build. Success will surely follow. Civilizations will by strong. Music will by inspiration. Drums will move millions and millions will come together thus making one huge Street Fair. This is Charles Arthur.