International Student Describes Her First Month at Antioch

Antioch vs. The Rest of the World, Part I: Germany
“Write something about the differences between your home university and Antioch…? Mmmmh, where am I supposed to start?! Explaining the difference between the German and the American educational system would take me for ever, but to compare Antioch to Tübingen…Let’s begin with the very basics: We don’t pay for university (well, they are going to make us pay 500 euros a term from summer 2007 on, but that’s pretty much nothing compared to tuition in the US). We don’t have to take a certain amount of credits per term (you could do nothing at all or maybe one class, or if you’re absolutely insane, don’t like to sleep and would rather live on coffee 24/7 you could take 30 hours of classes per week; they just expect you to have certain credits after your second year). We divide our academic year into 2 semesters, each followed by a break (2 months after the winter semester and 3 months in summer; technically they are “lecture free times? and you’re supposed to write term papers, do internships or research projects etc but it’s more like almost half a year of vacation…). We don’t need p.e. credits (if you don’t want to get some exercise after graduating from high school, no one is able to force you to move your body). We have more than one photocopier in our library (copy machines are a student’s best friend… we usually don’t buy expensive textbooks, we just xerox them). Maybe I should stop making you jealous… It seems like we have more freedom, but hey, we don’t get free prints and it usually takes us more than 5 minutes to get to our classrooms… ; )

Katharina Buchter