Gems from Gentry


Volume 66 Issue 8

Q. I’m excited for co-op this fall, but I’m worried about getting lonely. I know this is part of the co-op experience, but do you have any tips on staving off the lonesomeness? —Lonely on Co-op

Dear Lonely on Co-op, In my past couple of co-ops I have definitely felt the same way. As much as loneliness is an aspect of co-op, that doesn’t mean you need to suffer from it. I have some ideas of what you might be able to do to help keep yourself entertained.

1. Try an online chat group. I know this sounds so 2005, but online chat groups are a fantastic way to talk to people about your interests and it helps give you a social life without needing to actually go out. This way money + transportation can be avoided.

2. Explore the area you’re living/ Sight-see. Now I know that this may not always work (especially if you stay in a familiar location) on co-op, but it may be a fun thing to try in an area you’re not too familiar with. Get lost. Don’t look at your phone or your GPS. 

3. Explore with yourself. Of course with this tip I recommend caution. Only do this in daylight and try to stay out of areas that are/can be dangerous. 3. Ask co-workers + your employer about events in the area. Ask what’s common entertainment for the locals. Bands? Art walks? Game tournaments? The locals know what is happening in any area and can be a huge resource in finding out ways to be active while on co-op.

I hope these tips help. Just remember that co-op is a time for you to learn and to have fun (while you can), so just try and open yourself up to new and exciting things.

Mwah! Cole Gentry ’17