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QWho are some of the most notable science alumni of Antioch College?


Many a notable scientist went to Antioch College. Too many to list here, in fact, so a small sample will have to do.

Probably the earliest such Antiochian was Myrick Hascall Doolittle, class of 1862, who worked at the United States Naval Observatory and the US Coastal & Geodetic Survey. He created a method of solving normal equations that mathematicians continue to use well over a century later.

George Harrison Shull, class of 1901, and his classmate Leo Macy collaborated on pioneering studies in genetics at Cold Spring Harbor, NY, so early in the game that their field had yet to be called “genetics.”

Cornelius Hurlbut, class of 1929, was a leading mineralogist and a longtime member of the Harvard faculty.

Leland Clark, class of 1941, held so many patents in medical technology that he was known as “the Edison of medicine.”

Ursa Bellugi-Klima, class of 1952, was a neuroscientist and a groundbreaking researcher in the organization of the human brain.

Don Glower, class of 1953, was known for his inventive approach to engineering education, but the coolest thing he did was develop a method to find the wreckage of the SS Central America, famously known as “the Ship of Gold.”

Edward Ifft, class of 1960, spent his career in government dismantling nuclear warheads and negotiating nonproliferation and test ban treaties.

Molecular geneticist Mario Capecchi, class of 1961, received a Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2007. Joan Argetsinger Steitz, class of 1963, is a biochemist with a truckload of awards known for her work with RNA. Stephen Jay Gould, also class of 1963, was a leading paleontologist and the only known Antiochian to play himself on “The Simpsons.”

Miriam Horowitz Meisler, class of 1964, identified the genes responsible for causing neurological diseases such as epilepsy.

O’Dell Owens, class of 1971, is a leading authority on laser surgery.

Lori Todd, class of 1975, developed new methods for measuring chemical concentrations in the atmosphere.

Steve Myers, class of 1996, is a geoscientist and a significant figure in the study of the mechanisms of climate change.