Senior Leadership Team

The Antioch College Senior Leadership Team (SLT) serves as an advisory body to the College President and as the primary on-campus policy-making body responsible for the review, revision, and approval of administrative policy. The Senior Leadership Team has general oversight of all areas of the college. The Senior Leadership Team may utilize various standing and ad hoc committees to care for various aspects of ongoing and special administrative policy matters. In some cases, the Senior Leadership Team may delegate authority to these committees, receiving reports of sub-committee activities in the form of minutes distributed to all members of the Senior Leadership Team. Final authority on administrative policies rests with the President of the College. (SLT Charter/Mission)


Nick Boutis (executive Director of the Glen Helen Ecology Institute)

Lori Collins-Hall (Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs)

Mila Cooper (Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion)

Neenah Ellis (General Manager, WYSO)

Kevin Mulhall (Director of Library and Information Services)

Richard Kraince (Dean of Cooperative, Experiential, and International Education)

Joanne Lakomski (Chief Human Resources Officer)

Kim Landsbergen (Faculty Representative)

Tom Manley (President-elect)

Hassan Rahmanian (Dean of Global Education)

Kevin Stokes (Director of Information Technology and Media Services)