Main Building Floods, Community Protests

On Saturday, February 7, a passerby noticed that Main Building was flooding and raining from inside. It is not certain at this point if the source of the leak was caused by water pipes freezing and bursting open after thawing, or if the pipes were simply old and rusty, although it is more likely the former. At noon the following Monday, students, faculty, staff, and a number of villagers gathered to protest the University’s neglect towards Main, as well as other buildings. A number of reporters from various local media outlets covered the story. Links are posted below all the photos.

Antiochians gathered in front of main building at noon
Antiochians gather infront of Historic Main Building

Water damage visible on South Wall of Main Building
Antiochians gather infront of Historic Main Building
Several news channels reported on the gathering
this place matters
Community members express their dedication and love outside Main Building
Protestors walk to University Kettering office building looking for answers
Reporters and villagers request University statement from Linda Sirk, who was unavailable for comment.

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