A Nonstop Shop

Nonstop ShopNonstop Liberal Arts Institute launched an online store this week where consumers can buy Nonstop apparel and accessories. The site, (www.cafepress.com/nonstopinst) run through CafePress, allows Nonstop to sell promotional items without keeping them in stock.

According to Robin Heise, Recruitment Coordinator, “Community members will be able to help create new promo ideas.” However, that has yet to have been worked out. Heise says information will be made available as soon as possible.

When announced at Community Meeting, a few students were concerned that they did not know who was running the store or where it came from. Further discussion diminished their fears.

ComCil Agenda: Sept. 30, 2008

Approval of Minutes from 9/10 & 9/24
CFB Line Proposal
Needs Assessment Surveys
Invent a College Update

Rolling Agenda
Encouraging Community Participation

* Please keep in mind that ANY community member can and should bring proposals to Comcil on issues you see needing resolution in the community If you have a concern you would personally like to see addressed, please bring it to my attention so it can become a future agenda item!

We also need rolling agenda items (issues brought into Comcil discussion as time allows rather than as time sensitive concerns). Let me know your thoughts…

Comcil meets at the 140 Glen St. house at 4:00 on Wednesdays, See you there!