Nonstop Independent Groups & Community Centers

The Womyn’s Center

Molly Thornton, Womyn\'s Center Coordinator

The Womyn’s Center is a supportive space for female-bodied and female-identified individuals of varying identities and backgrounds to get excited, educated, and share experiences of womanhood. The content of conversations and activities is open to the interests of the participants, but often include such titillating topics as menstruation, body image, gender roles, cunts, feminist theories, abortion, health, sex, women’s rights, violence against women, arts, crafts, and of course community. I can’t wait to have “Love Your Body Night”, the most widely anticipated Womyn’s Center event, with food, art making, and body positive celebration! I’m also super excited about DIY activities, alternatives to the western version of reproductive health, and women in the media. I’d love to see radical discussions take place within the frame of a loosely defined Stitch ‘n’ Bitch, inviting crafters of all varieties to participate. Also, aside from scheduled meetings and parties, womyn should feel free to ask me about impromptu or non-structured female time, space, and support as needed.

Interfaith Dialog

Jessie Clark, Interfaith Dialogue Coordinator

I am Jessie Clark and I will be coordinating the Interfaith Dialog Independent Group (IG). In this IG, we will be engaging in intriguing discussions about spirituality, religion and all the juicy bits in between. The discussions will take place over tea at the Dharma Center. A time has yet to be figured out. If you have ever pondered the meaning of life or have a general interest in the theories of others come join us! The focus will be on exchange and mutual discussion, sharing religious woes and oohs (epiphanies), what bothers us and what is helpful to us in thinking about the spiritual life (need there be such a thing?). We are interested to here what you think about these hot topics. Atheist & religious misfits also welcome. For more information e-mail me at Hope to see you there!

The Queer Center

Ashley McNeely, Co-Queer Center Coordinator

The queer center is being coordinated by Nic Viox and Ashley McNeely for the fall term at Nonstop. The queer center is a resource for members to celebrate being queer and engage with each other about issues concerning queer identity and queer culture. The queer center will be sponsoring many events this term, such as queer movie nights, sex week, and GenderFuck.

We are still looking for a meeting space and have yet to determine a weekly schedule. Please contact us (Nic Viox ; Ashley McNeely